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Member Since 06 Aug 2007
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In Topic: Anyone Do Pilates?

06 August 2007 - 04:35 PM

Yep... I started pilates several years ago and it helps my body feel at its best. I actually started teaching it which led me to create a web-page dedicated to it. See my profile for more info!

Cheers to you all feeling your best, Always!

In Topic: How To Trim Outer Thighs

06 August 2007 - 03:47 PM

Does anyone know what the best excercise is to trim some extra weight I've been gaining on my outer thighs, kinda by the side of my lower butt.

I started using a treadmill but figured maybe people can suggest better excercise to target that area.

Alrighty, since it is only ONE pants size it really shouldn't be that hard.

I would do two things (which have been mentioned already) some cardio paired with pilates.

Pilates is GREAT for leaning out muscles - especially the side lying kick series in the matwork.

HOWEVER, no matter what people tell you pilates is really not going to make you loose weight. You must add something to pump up your heart rate. It is said that even if you do 15-20 minutes of cardio before your pilates workout your heart rate will stay high through your pilates workout. This is a good thing.

So take a high speed walk, roller blade, swim, run, jump on the bike or elliptical and then pop in a pilates tape. You should see results pretty quickly! Check out my profile for more pilates info!

In Topic: Winsor Pilates?

06 August 2007 - 03:39 PM

Does anyone have these work out videos? I saw an infomercial (sp?) on tv and wanted to know if they were wirth it or not.

Funny you should ask. I am actually a certified pilates instructor working on a pilates based web-site right now. I'm actually working on an article reviewing the top selling (though not always the most effective) pilates videos to post on my site.

Winsor pilates is known, to the pilates instructos who under-go rigorous training, as a joke. We always remark "they must have OUTSTANDING marketing" because these tapes are not exactly "high quality" instruction.

Their latest gimmick is a "guaranteed" certain amount of weight loss in something absurd like ten days. Any fitness professional will tell you this is really just impossible, not to mention not too healthy. I think the only way you can loose the weight they claim (can't remember off the top of my head) in 10 days is to fast! And fasting is a whole different conversation.

So I would say... if your going to buy a pilates tape - great! But don't waste your money on winsor pilates tapes.

If you want more pilates info, check out my profile!

Hope this helps!!

In Topic: Back Pain Anyone?

06 August 2007 - 03:30 PM

Looking back over the last few years I have had back pain ranging from severe to mild. I used to be a regular weight lifter and have always put the back problems down to that. Is it possible that the problems have come from having celiac disease and not know it.

I understand that there could be a problem with being calcium defficient and really want to know if it is possible to almost reverse the problem. Once on the gluten diet is it possible for your body to heal itself including bones and nerves or whatever else it has damaged (ie: increase its bone density). mind you that goes for any other problem i may have caused.

The reason for the question is that if my tests come back positive i really want to make a conservative effort to fix whatever i may have damaged but fear the worse for later on in my life.

Is there anyone who has been through this when they were younger and managed to keep away any probelms later on in their life. im 28 now and would like to know if by 50 on a strict diet i am still likely to have problems.

I think you have questions that many people ponder...

I think you have nothing to loose if you try to repair (whatever it is you want to repair.) Bodies are amazing and respond to measures that we take! It's a unique thing that mammals, especially social mammals, do!

As far as fearing for later on in your life... one thing I had to learn was that your body is unique! It doesn't really help to compare yourself to your neighbor, etc... because you have to live inside of your skin. I am a dancer and sometimes I have more pains than the next person - but I do what I need to to be able to perform and feel my best. Compared to the next person it may seem like "extra" stuff.. but for me.. it is just what I do.

So bottom line is... don't live 30 or 40 years from now... live now! Find out what your test results are, take action and make a plan to feel and perform your best! If you find a diet, and activities, that make you feel better... than you must be on the right track. I'm not sure anyone can guarantee what you body will be like at 50 years of age. But if find you are making progress in a year or two, which I think is totally possible, you could then imagine 50. (and yes... I am a young one...)

As far as back pains go - it is important to look at things holistically. Something could be attributed to celiac, or exacerbated by celiac, but I would take a rounder approach. Have you seen a doctor or physiotherapist for your back - since you are/were a lifter. Checking out pilates might be able to help your back out. Believe it or not... a lot (of back pain) can be attributed to something like posture! (I know... sounds cheesy.) More info on pilates on my profile!

I hope you find comfort within all of your questions!

In Topic: Back Strengthening Exercises

06 August 2007 - 03:10 PM

I've been struggling with back issues ever since we moved in Feb. I got too much into being able to lift heavy things (She-Ra!!) and tweaked my back.

I had some back strengthening exercises from last summer when I did PT, but I can't find any of the papers.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a book or website that has some illustrations for back strengthening exercises.



Whoops... meant to reply this way, but I copy and pasted instead! Let's try this one more time!

Nancy- if your back is bothering you and you have had a back injury in the past, I would recommend working with someone who can watch your movements. You can incorporate at home practice as well, but I would advise doing pilates, yoga, PT... something where an experienced person can watch, and correct, your movements.

Pilates is EXCELLENT for strengthening the back and other synergistic muscles. Check out my profile for more!

Hopefully you are pain free soon!

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