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#747395 Celiac Roommate

Posted by on 14 November 2011 - 06:40 AM

I think I would just say something like "hey, I notice you are not on the gluten free diet right now, so can we relax the rules at home for now?"

Or, "now that you are taking a break from the diet, I am going to relax the rules at home. Just let me know when you want to go back to a safer kitchen."

Or something similar. The point being, let him know you are aware and not judging, but would like a break while he takes his break.
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#701612 My Husband And His Parents Don't Understand/believe In Celiacs

Posted by on 23 May 2011 - 07:53 AM

I would have a really adamant response to this situation.

Your daughter has been diagnosed with a chronic condition which requires a specific treatment as given by her doctor. If her treatment is not carried out by all involved with her, she can face life long repercussions, with vitamin deficiencies, week teeth and bones, just to name a few.

Failure to keep her safe on her diet is considered medical negligence. Children can be removed from the home for medical negligence. Children are removed for failing to provide proper diets for obese children or diabetic children regularly.

I would explain this to my husband and his family. I would tell them they cannot feed my child in an inappropriate manner EVER again. The grandparents rights would be terminated by me if they violated the rule ever again. I would tell them that the child will be retested at some point in the future and must show that she is being kept on a gluten free diet, whether they see the effects or not, the tests will.

These people will never take this seriously until you seriously enforce the rules.

I would tell them all that I would never risk my child's health because they don't get it. They need to get with the program and now. Would they really keep feeding a diabetic child sugar? You don't see the effects of that right away either.

This is not about the Mother's wishes. This is an absolute and must be treated as such. Like any form of abuse, this cannot be tolerated.
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#683019 Had Endoscopy On Thursday...

Posted by on 13 March 2011 - 10:05 AM

I had scalloping on biopsy, and it was celiac.

There is a high prevalence of celiac disease in crohn's disease. They recently found the genes have a relationship.

Here is a link. Celiac and Crohn's genetic link

When my doctor tested me for celiac, he also tested me for crohn's. I have the genes for both, but I do not have active crohn's.
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#656886 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 28 November 2010 - 05:58 PM

Oven roasted pot roast with carrots, onions, potatoes. I put lipton onion soup in the water, and made gravy with potato starch. I made a brussel sprouts casserole with dried cranberries and almond slivers.
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