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Ellenor Whitty

Member Since 07 Aug 2007
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In Topic: Is Anyone Here Rh-negative?

23 December 2008 - 05:05 AM

My nutritionist told me O- blood is the oldest blood type therefore it is a blood type predisposed to the hunter gatherer type diet that doesn't not include wheat/grains. She seemed to know what she was talking about...

I'm 0-. I have Celiac. My husband is A- and is a celiac. That's all I know. :)


WOW, I wish I was dating a Celiac llike me (or married to one)! This kind of situation would make life SO MUCH EASIER for Girls Like Me, rather than beng with some slob who drinks BEER or SCOTCH every day! (Been There, Done That.)

I now point-blank tell guys that if they want to date me, kiss me, and/or get all silly & romantic with me physically, then they CANNOT drink beer or grain-based alcohol when we are together. I am DEAD SERIOUS about this, too! They can drink all of the wine, tequila and potato-based vodka they want (like the fabulous "CHOPIN" vodka, which is both potato-based AND organic), but nothing else, otherwise they will make me have a gluten reaction.

I simply will not make out with or have sex with a man that will cause me to have a gluten reaction, due to what HE consumes and retains in his body.....

I am totally allergic to men that drink beer, scotch, and any other grain-based alcohol (adult beverages). Celiac girls (like me) ESPECIALLY cannot even tolerate exposure to the semen from guys like this either, which I will explain more about after you continue reading this......

No kidding, I finally discovered this after YEARS of trying to figure out WHY I STILL had DH all over my face and these outrageous rashes all over my body while dating/being with macho beer & scotch drinkers.

My discovery happened because my (former) live-in/out boyfriend of 10 years was drinking beer and/or scotch daily.

Here's how it works for me..... this may not be the same for everyone, but still, I would like you to consider this as a possibility for you if you have celiac problems and date a man or woman who drinks beer and grain alcohol beverages on a regular basis.....

If I make out with a guy, or get all physically silly & romantic with a man who has been drinking beer or grain-based booze, I will later on (usually within 24-72 hours later) break out in a weird splotchy rash on my arms, legs and torso, AND get all kinds of quasi-DH eruptions all over my face.

Believe me, this took YEARS to finally figure this situation out.

I am a seriously CAREFUL celiac, and do not make mistakes when it comes to any exposure to gluten that I would be personally responsible for.

Still, I kept having gluten skin problems for many years while I was dating a fellow who drank beer daily.....

It just NEVER occurred to me that being with someone- as in romantically- who indulges in gluten products will also cause ME to have a "reaction."

Without going into personal details that would make you blush, I will now state that I "know a girl" who is also a Celiac, and "she" gets a "problem" from her sex life when she is exposed to the semen of a man that drinks beer and/or grain alcohol. This girl will experience PIV (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), along with horrible cystitis, if she has sexual relations with a man that drinks beer/grain alcohol liquids.

OK, this is just me, but all of you other girls & guys out there...... consider this as a possibility if you do not feel well, and your partner is guzzling beer or grain alcohol.

I would NOT waste my time writing this message to the general public unless I was mega-serious in sharing this information with Celiacs Like Us.

The prevention of gluten exposure is a pain in the @ss to regulate, and I want to help ease the pain we all suffer by asking you to consider that those around you may be a possible gluten exposure factor in your life.....

CONCLUSION: you may be doing the Right Thing, but is your spouse/significant other also doing the same?

So far, I have met only ONE man who has agreed to my "No Gluten" dating & dietary laws, and he is a precious, adorable nerdy IT guy who also believes in organic foods. I am lucky, I guess. He acts like he is GOMEZ ADDAMS when he is with me, so I have no reason to complain, I guess.....

Ruth Ellenor Whitty
Houston, TEXAS

In Topic: Is Anyone Here Rh-negative?

22 December 2008 - 08:37 PM

Hi, Everyone:

I am new here, and this is my first topic ever posted! Wheeeee!

OK, here is a theory:

I have read on the Internet that a large number of celiacs in the U.K. have Rh-Negative blood types. I was fascinated, because I am with type O-Neg blood.

It is claimed that 20% of everyone in the U.K. is Rh-Neg anyway, and in the U.S., it is closer to 15% of the national population.

People with rare blood types are usually hypersensitive to things (like gluten/gliadin), so if any one out there is Rh-Neg, please RSVP! I want to see if there is a connection.....


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