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Member Since 20 Aug 2007
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In Topic: New Glutino Crackers

30 September 2008 - 06:43 AM

I just saw the veggies ones today and was wondering... next time I will try them.

In Topic: Moving To Lisbon Ohio

25 June 2008 - 11:47 AM

There is a Carrabas in the Boardman area that is very good.The Raisin Rack in Canton area.
No Whole Foods! In the CLeveland area there is some good eating places & gluten-free shopping. If you google Mike Eberhart & get on his blog , he is a friend from Cleveland. He also is a gluten-free publisher of a great cookbook..Gourmet Desserts.
He can give you a heads up on the Cleveland area.
In the Pgh area we have a WHole Foods, Trader Joe's East End Coop all selling gluten-free plus many more health stores. Sunnybridge in McMurray Pa. Loribakes in McDonald. Pa she has a cafe & bakery all wonderful goodies.......Gluttenny in Squirrel Hill area of Pgh. ( bakery) Health HUt in Beaver Pa.
Kathy's Creations is a bakery in Alliance Oh.... Tommy's pizza in Strongsville Oh. There is an Italian place ( forget the name) near Kathy's creations Oh I think it is Pisanello's or something like that. None of us likes the gluten-free food there!I wouldn't go back.
I Sharon Pa htere is a excellent place to eat. www.ferraraatasteofitaly.com LOve it there.
Cindy's Health Food Store is in or around the Warren/Niles Oh area.
I'm an hour from Boardman but I'm the founder of a independant gluten-free group. We have a great group of people & I have people from the NY line coming to the meetings driving several hours to get here so please feel free to join us at our monthly meetings. If you are interested PM me & I can give you more info about the meetings.




Thank you, thank you , thank you... I have been feeling knda lost. I will send you a PM about the meetings... once I remember how to send one ( it's been a while).

In Topic: Frie Moutain Resturant

28 December 2007 - 08:55 AM

No but there is one near our home and I am dying to go there. I believe it is similiar to a Golden Corral, Ponderosa and Old Country Buffet from what I have found out.
It is probably not the safest place though.

Thanks. I know its prolly not the safest... our choices are limited where we are and its out with my DH grandparents ... they want to take our kids there... so we are going to give it a shot... keep you posted.

In Topic: gluten-free Baking Tips

07 November 2007 - 03:29 PM

Do you change the recipe at all? Do you have to add more liquid, take away some of the flour?
This is acutally a very good tip. I used to make the pudding cookie recipe and it does add moisture and flavor.

you just add the pudding to the dry ingrediants. Infact just made myself a bday cake last week using gluten-free cake mix and mixed in pudding.... very yummy... my friends and family did not belive me it was gluten-free.

In Topic: gluten-free Baking Tips

01 November 2007 - 05:39 PM

something that I have always done even before going gluten-free is adding a box of instant pudding to cakes, cornbread, coffee cake etc. makes a HUDGE difference. I mix the (gluten-free brand of course) pudding with the dry ingrediants. Helps add flavor , and keeps things from crumbling =)

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