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In Topic: Vitamin B12 Tablets Hurt!

13 April 2009 - 07:40 AM

Hi everyone,

I took vitamin B12 tablets for about 1.5 to 2 weeks cos i thought it would be good for me, help with tiredness etc. However, every time i took them i got incredible bowel cramps, like ive never had before (and slight D).
Anyone know why? They are gluten-free, i checked.
It was definantly the pills as i stopped taking them and the symptoms went away, and vise versa!
I don't even get that sort of pain from eating gluten

I had difficulty with some B12 due to artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol, etc...(anything with a 'tol' at the end. They would upset my digestive system for 3 days each time. Now I use Natural Factors brand. It was difficult to find sublingual, gluten free, artificial sweetner free in the Methylcobalamin form of B12.

In Topic: Celiac Reference On Ncis Episode

05 April 2009 - 12:36 PM

Celiac Disease was referenced on the NCIS episode airing 3/31/09(today). The accountant is in interrogation and is about to take his pills and says that the doctors said he might have celiac disease and would have to cut gluten out of his system. He doesn't say that he has the disease, but that doctors are unsure what is wrong with him and he takes pills.
Just thought some might find it interesting that the disease was mentioned again. Its a good thing that it is becoming more popular! :)

I saw it! The man says something like "they think I have Celiac and that I'm eating too much gluten. I didn't even know I was eating "GLUTEN". (he said gluten kind of sarcastically)

In Topic: Kinda Unknown G/f Restaurants California

19 March 2009 - 12:01 PM

I had to let everyone know about some awesome restaurants I have found that have gluten free choices. I always love finding places to eat! Ok, here goes, I'm gonna play food critic :rolleyes:

Ciao Bella in Riverside - http://www.ciaobella...m/homepage.html
They have gluten free woodfired pizza (good but not the best I've had) and gluten free pastas. I had the Chicken Farfalle and it was the best pasta dish I have ever had! Its a pretty cool little restaurant too. Kinda romantic.

ZPizza - Everywhere! They have 51 locations in California alone and most have gluten free pizza! ZPizza.com
The pizza was about an 8 out of 10 as far as gluten free pizza's go. I would go back for sure. They also have soy cheese but its not dairy free.

Doughboys Pizza in Grover Beach (near Pismo) 1800 E Grand Ave, #N, Grover Beach, CA 93433
This was the best gluten free pizza I have ever had and probably right up there with the best all around pizza I have had! The woman who owns it is a retired dietician who spent months trying different crust recipes until she got it PERFECT! I just wish I lived closer, we went there while on vacation in central California.

Brick Oven Pizza in Poway - http://www.858brickoven.com/
Really good pizza! Been there a few times.

Wow, can you tell I really miss pizza?!?

I would love anyone else's "hidden" gluten free dining places!

Hello, Thank you for letting us know about these choices! I had just found out about ZPizza in Upland, CA. (and Redlands too, although I haven't looked into it and it sounds as if not all the branches have gluten-free pizza. ). I didn't know about Ciao Bella, sounds good! Have you been to Pizza Fusion in Temecula?


In Topic: New: Need Advice On Coffee And B12

15 February 2009 - 01:23 PM

Freeda Vitamins are SCD approved, they are available on-line. :)

Freeda sublingual B12 has artificial sweeteners. I bought some and had to give it away. They don't have the ingredient list on their website unfortunately but it is in their catalog which they can send by mail. I don't know if their SCD vites have artificial sweeteners.

In Topic: New: Need Advice On Coffee And B12

07 February 2009 - 11:23 AM

Re: B12. I use a brand of Methylcobalamin sublingual made by Natural Factors which has no artificial sweetners, or gluten (I contacted them). 1000 mg. I don't know why they have to put sweeteners or flavorings in these products as there are some with 5000 mg I would take if I could but I can't use anything with the sweetners, sorbitol, manitol, etc... I would take about 10-12 of the Natural Factors tabs a day plus in a multi, ate liver, whatever to try to boost my B12 but was never so tired in my life.

I started on weekly B12 shots and it took about 5 weeks before one day I said, I feel normal! My MD's didn't think I needed the shots even though I told them that I took the vitamins consistently. I don't agree. Some people out there lack the intrinsic factor to process B12 by mouth, so they need weekly shots. I haven't been tested for that, I don't know if I have that (pernicious anemia). But I can't go a whole month without a shot and that is what the MD's want me to do. Some gyms, & health food stores (like some Whole Food Markets) have MD's who give B12 shots there monthly.

I don't know if the Natural Factors tabs fit in with the SCD diet . Watch out for some vitamins by Freeda. I take their multi, but ordered other vitamins not knowing most have the artificial sweeteners. Jarrow also.

Hope you get better soon!

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