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Member Since 02 Sep 2007
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In Topic: Similar Interests?

23 February 2008 - 11:06 AM

i like to dance in leaves andi like art and i LOVE!!!!!! to swim i love to laugh and i love snakes and lizards and i love camp and i love greenday i love to sing for no reason i also love to make people feel better am i love to mak odd videos also then watch them with my friend and laugh till i cry so plz post me back

eh ehe eh!!! awesome!!!!! i haven't posted in a while sorry so much!!!
but that's awesome you should like PM me!!! tell me what sort of odd videos you make!

In Topic: Similar Interests?

23 February 2008 - 11:04 AM

I'm definitely an artist at heart. I dont really draw much, though. My brother got most of the drawing skills in the family. I do ceramics and I paint. Also, I do a lot of photography, and photomanipulation. But I'm also into other forms of art. Theatre was a passion of mine in high school. I was really involved in all aspects. And singing has always been and always will be my favorite of all the arts. Without a doubt. :]

wow that's cool.. we have lots in common. i do theatre a lot. right now i'm in a play called Into the Woods by Steven Sondheim.
people say i can sing, but i don't particulary like it. and photography is awesome! you should check out this site called treklens.com
look me up...Asharah.

In Topic: Similar Interests?

23 February 2008 - 11:01 AM


I also like art, but I'm more of a creative writing person. I like to paint/draw/such. But I can't do photography (but I wish I could). I love to laugh. and yes I burst out into a song at least 289425 times a day. I love dancing. I fence sabre and have a black belt in karate.

favorite t.v. shows anyone? america's next top model & gossip girl for me. and friends is always fun

thats kewl! i do creative writing too. a lot. i mean, i'm gonna have a book published soon!!!
what type of martial art do you do? my dad owns his own dojang, we do korean style martial arts. i mainly do tae kwan do, hapkido, and multiple types of weapons.

tv shows... lOTS!! monk, psych, stargate sg1 and atlantis, journeyman, eli stone, eureka...

In Topic: New

02 February 2008 - 11:06 AM

I was just diagnosed with Celiac. I have been reading a lot online about it and some of the things I read make me nervous. It was only confirmed 2 days ago and I have only been Gluten free for 2 days. When I first found out my mind went straight to a list of foods I couldn't eat and it seems that over the past 2 days that is all I have come across. I actually feel that I might be depressed about it. That probably sounds very dramatic, but it's as if it is all still sinking in. My family has been pretty good about it, we went to the store tonight to buy all Gluten-free foods and I hated it. Everything I wanted seemed to have Gluten in it. I know things could be worse and everyone seems to keep telling me that, but I feel like no one really understands.

I also tend to eat out a lot, so if anyone has any recommendations because I am finding it extremely hard to eat out and I guess narrowing down the amount of times I eat out will help, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

well.. just like the other person i got rid of dairy and soy too. well, also because i have hallucinations, and the milk mainly triggers my hallucinations, but i find that in other people getting rid of milk can help alot.

and it's normal to be deprressed over it. and you're not taking a long time to get over it, my god, i've been diagnosed for several years and i'm STILL getting over it. (it's addicting!). And, yeah, it can be worse, but don't listen to them. it kinda makes you feel bad that it 'could be worse' right? well, yeah, it can but you gotta first deal with your situation and feel sorry for yourself before you can realize that that it could be worse. that its, as long as the feeling sorry for yourself doesn't take years and years :)

you can pity yourself, just not for too long. and sometimes rough times will show who your real supporters and friends are. trust me, i know that VERY much!! it's okay. be strong. it's hard, and you'll make MANY MANY MANY mistakes. you'll accidentally eat gluten, or you might just sort of crave gluten and eat it on purpose, but as long as you TRY your very hardest, you're becomeing a better person. :) and don't listen when other people say 'if you were trying your very hardest you wouldn't be doing it" because that's not true. this is true - "if you are trying your very hardest, then you will still make mistakes, but over time you will make less mistakes " and 'over time' may be a couple years. trust me! i know!

Gurlie, feel free to PM me. i don't have any1 to talk to and i'd be happy to talk to youz!


In Topic: Major Guilt Trip

03 January 2008 - 01:05 PM

hey, it ain't your fault.
you should show your little sis that you love her.
she'd feel better about it all and maybe take her out somewhere.
i know, you might feel mad about doing it cause you're saying
'hey i'm the one sick, and she's the one getting on my nerves about it!'
why should i be the one to make her feel better.
but if you make her feel better, then you'll feel better yourself.
maybe you could get her some gluten free pizza, though it won't taste as good.
or you could tell your parents to take her out to pizza, then you wouldn't have to have it sitting
in front of your nose, and it wouldn't be in the house.
and about the computer, well, you should get computer time, i mean your older.
i know how little siblings can be, they think they deserve as much as you, but they don't thats why they're 'little' siblings. ;)

let her get her way sometimes, but only when she's being good.
and make sure she understands that when you let her get her way
that it's a TREAT, not a normal thing. like going out to pizza with her parents
could be a once a month treat, and only when she's being good.


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