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Glutened At Xmas Party

18 December 2011 - 01:44 PM

So I went to a party Friday night, the hostess made me some "gluten free" soup and breadsticks....after some polite inquiries into the soup's ingredients, we realized it was not gluten free. She felt bad, and 10 minutes later walked over with a couple of the breadsticks she got especially for me. Well, I ate them, and went up to thank her when I realized she had baked them on the same cookie sheet with the regular gluteny breadsticks (crumbs everywhere). You can guess what happened from there....now I feel awful, both physically and emotionally because she feels very bad for "poisoning" me.
I've been diagnosed for close to ten years and don't mind the diet, but so many times I've had to explain my diet to clueless waiters and well-meaning in-laws and friends with the same frustration and fear getting sick if they don't understand.
My question is this: how do you politely inquire to people who cook for you on whether or not the food is truly gluten free (without sounding like a total psycho)? And how on earth do you say "no thanks" when you're getting the impression that said food item is probably not safe for you to eat? Is there a website I can send people to explain gluten free cooking? I tried Googling "how to cook for someone with Celiac" and couldn't come up with much. I'm a dietitian and my husband is swearing that I should create a website if one doesn't exist already.
I had a former boyfriend dump me when I told him I couldn't eat the (contaminated) dinner his mom had prepared for me, I'm getting desparate!!!