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In Topic: Targeted Amino Acid Therapy

22 January 2009 - 12:58 PM

Thanks Cinnamon. That's interesting that tyrosine helped him (even if it was for short periods).
I am certainly hopeful that this helps my guy. He's on the 2nd day of treatment...and treatment includes several types of amino acids in varying doses throughout the day.
We'll see. He says that he can feel that something is happening. He had some GI upset from it yesterday & the doctor lowered the dosage. He seems to be doing a little better today.
Perhaps something more comprehensive in an amino acid approach could help your son. So many things in our bodies rely on synergy...so many vitamins and minerals need to be balanced, so it figures that you should have to balance amino acids too.

In Topic: Want Your Votes: Sanibel, Destin, Or Key West

24 August 2008 - 08:02 AM

Apologies for the off-topic response.

Since you are a Sanibel regular, can you tell me if it is good for bird photography?

I've never been there but bumped into someone who said it was a great birding destination.

Just wanted to chime in that we have gone to Sanibel many times. My husband's family has for 25+ years...my husband's brother is a nature photographer & loves to take shots of birds. There are great sanctuaries - Ding Darling comes to mind. You have egrets, ospreys & I even saw an eagle once there. Lots of birds & wildlife in general.

sorry to jump the thread, just wanted to let you know what i know codetalker!! :)

In Topic: Doctor Ordered Mri Of Brain

18 August 2008 - 08:31 AM

thanks for the reply. And, yes, I agree...everyone should do their own research. I constantly do! But, I am so appreciative of all you who do as well & share your findings...whether they be articles or personal experiences.

Now I get it. My husband did "front load" at the very beginning. He took injections daily for a long period of time. Then went to the every 2 weeks. His doctor had told him that he should then go to once a month. But, when he did, his symptoms returned & he made the decision on his own to do the injections every 2 weeks.

This is all very interesting. When he was tested for B12, they almost missed it as his levels of B12 were in the low of normal range. But, his methylmelonic acid levels were sky high. That's what tipped his doctor off. Thank goodness!! Unfortunately, we were so elated that a solution to this was presented that we didn't even question WHY his levels were so off. Perhaps that would've led to a gluten discovery sooner....however, I guess that was 10 years ago & all the info I'm privy to now wouldn't have been available.

Does anyone have knowledge of injectable B12? I'm just wondering if perhaps cyanocobalamin is not the best injectable.

Thanks again!!!


In Topic: Doctor Ordered Mri Of Brain

17 August 2008 - 08:45 PM

Hi Shay,

I am very interested in B12 as my husband was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency about 10 years ago & has been doing injections of cyanocobolamin every 2 weeks or so ever since. He can tell when he needs it...it took about a year of his horrible headaches & dizziness to recede. About 4 years ago he developed psoriatic arthritis & we believe he is has either a serious gluten sensitivity or celiac (my husband's blood tests were negative, but he has so many symptoms & his nephew has severe celiac ). Have been on a gluten free diet for 10 months now.
ANYhow, what I really wanted to ask you was...

What does this excerpt from what you wrote mean?

There is no "loading" effect contrary to common belief. The "loading" protocol might keep PA folks on the edge for years but it won't allow neural healing or toxin protection

Are PA folks psoriatic arthritis folks?
What do you mean by "the edge"? Of health? And where did the tie to PA come in (if, in fact, you meant psoriatic arthritis)?

And thanks to all of you for creating this thread because my husband's brother (the father of the nephew with celiac) has been both diagnosed with MS & also, undiagnosed with MS because of spots on his brain which ended up disappearing once his severe neuropathy slowly dissolved. We are trying to convince him to both go gluten free & start taking B12.


In Topic: My Posting Hasn't Been Pinned....

12 August 2008 - 11:05 AM


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