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In Topic: Daughter Needs College Roommate In Fl Fall 09

27 October 2008 - 06:34 AM

My daughter is a freshman in college and while food services does their best to accomodate her she has had many cc issues. We are looking into accomodations for her (I am hoping we can have something in place next semester) so she can have her own kitchen. She is tired of not having control and having to deal with not feeling well after eating something she thought was safe. She is vigilant, but unfortuately that is not good enough and it gets a little demoralizing. I think even if she shares a unit with someone who does not have a gluten intolerance it will still be a better situation for her because she will be able to control her environment a little better. The other problem with trying to stick with a meal plan is that so many of the offered foods are processed and most processed foods contain gluten. Her diet has become very monotonous. Salad, grilled chicken, or gluten free pasta with oil or butter (all sauces offered including marinara have gluten in them) day in, day out. I do not feel it is healthy to have so little variety in her diet. IMO if you can get your daughter into her own place with a kitchen she will be better off.

I wish your daughter the best of luck. This is such an exciting time for her!!!!!

Does she want to transfer to Florida?? LOL.


In Topic: Daughter Needs College Roommate In Fl Fall 09

27 October 2008 - 06:30 AM

Thanks everyone!

I didn't want my first post to be too long, so I will clarify a few things now.

She absolutely will NOT be eating on the mandatory food plan. She has already been told she can exempt out of it with a letter from her doctor.

Consequently she WILL be in an apartment with a kitchen. It is just a matter of whether or not she can be on campus with a roommate to bring costs down and not have to be in a year-long lease.

As of right now, she is understandably pretty unwilling to share a kitchen with gluten. She is highly, highly sensitive to any form of cross contamination. She currently is on SCD and we make everything from scratch. The only processed foods she eats is coconut oil, olive oil, tomato juice, dried spices, honey, and a couple teas. We have called every company of any processed item that is in our house to make sure the company guarantees there is no risk of cross contamination. We have verified that every item she uses on her body is gluten-free. We research any medicine she uses and compound it if necessary. She is SERIOUSLY gluten free. :)

She is going in with a state scholarship that pays 100% tuition and it is dependent on keeping her grades up. She is also in the running for a very large scholarship at each school as a National Merit Semifinalist. If she gets that, she will also have to keep her GPA up to keep her scholarship. Additionally, she plans on going to medical school and cannot afford to have her grades drop because of that. So, she has multiple reasons why she CANNOT get sick because of mistakes on the part of other people. I understand the thought that she would just have to clean really well, but considering she will already have to take all the time to cook every single meal from scratch, she really doesn't want the added burden of cleaning up after all her roommates. Right now she can't even pick up a raw apple and eat it. She has a lot of labor involved just in feeding herself.

People - even well-meaning people - just don't think sometimes. All it takes is one time for them to "share" off her cooked food or use one of her cutting boards or ...whatever...

I know it will be nearly impossible to find a gluten-free roommate. I just thought this would be the best place to ask.


In Topic: Soy!?!?!

04 March 2008 - 06:21 PM

...If some people would please post what brands of almond milk and rice milk that they use..in the USA..and I will take it from there as far as searching out other ingredients I don't want.

Thanks for all the input.

You may not like my answer, but here it goes...:)

I do not trust processed food anymore. We kept getting glutened by everything that wasn't supposed to have gluten in it. We are sensitive enough that we cannot tolerate any level of cross contamination - even just from sharing lines. We kept cutting out more and more processed items until we finally decided to do the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for healing. The only processed foods we eat right now are coconut oil, canned pineapple, apple cider, Welch's all natural grape juice, and almond butter. I have confirmed with the companies that my almond butter and coconut oil are safe. I have not confirmed the other items, but they have not caused us a problem (that I am currently aware of.)

So, I would advise you to make your own almond milk. Then you know exactly what is in your milk. We tried to use a processed almond milk on Christmas Eve for an eggnog substitute. It was delicious and then made us sick as dogs for the next week. I never get GI symptoms from a glutening, but I was vomiting the whole next day.

Good luck,

In Topic: Roasted Nuts

24 January 2008 - 08:31 PM

The sneakiest and worst offenders for us have been:

1. Products that are labeled gluten-free, but are not either because of the PPM they allow or because of cross contamination.

2. Any freakin' item that has been run on the same line as a gluten product for processing or packaging. One organic juice company I was talking to was explaining that they do wash their lines well in between runs and they can really wash because they are liquid runs. She said dry run processing usually only blows off the lines, rather than a thorough wet wash between runs. Ug.

We are hyper-sensitive to even the smallest amounts of gluten and have been contaminated way too much!


In Topic: Sooo, How Long Did It Take You?

06 January 2008 - 07:48 PM

Are you eating many foods with food additives like artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, BHT, BHA, TBHQ, aspartame, MSG, etc? These chemicals are very bad for everyone, but they are especially bad for people with damaged intestines/immune systems. All of us in my family react to these chemicals, but two of my dc REALLY react. It was actually what we eliminated first before we figured out the gluten connection. After my 16 yo dd had been gluten free for awhile, she had to take a medication that had yellow dye in it. About 6 days into the med, she was up all night because she couldn't sleep. These chemicals wreak havoc on my dc and sleeplessness is high on that list. Be aware that even if you read labels, these are often hidden in processed foods (the packaging is sprayed or they don't have to list ingredients within other ingredients - like TBHQ within the oil used.)

It is highly likely that your sleep med has some of these chemicals.

It could also be a B12 deficiency.

Although you need to figure out what is CAUSING the problem, you may want to soak with Epsom Salts every night before bed. The sulfates will help your body detoxify and the magnesium is good for you and will help you relax. You can soak in a tub or just do a warm foot soak.

I hope you figure it out.

Disclaimer: we are still pretty new to gluten free (3 1/2 mths), but we have learned a lot very quickly and there are six of us I am learning from! :) We have been chemical free for 2 1/2 years (mostly so for most of that time when I thought reading labels was enough and strictly so when I learned about hidden ingredients.)


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