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In Topic: Chicken Feed?

30 April 2012 - 01:34 AM

USDA rules require that any grain added to meat be declared on the label. FDA rules require that packaged food products disclose wheat using the word "wheat."

Broth typically is grain-free, and thus gluten-free. If you know of a specific example where these rules are not followed, please share it with us. PLEASE also tell the USDA or FDA of the violation.

Thanks for clearing that up.

In Topic: Anger, Quick Temper, Depression

30 April 2012 - 01:15 AM

If you have some research validation for some of these assertions, that would be helpful to our posters.

This comes from the work of Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer Ph.D., M.D. I edited my post, indicating this is what my primary care MD told me. I apologize. Here is a link to a discussion, but this is not where I got my information:


This explains it best, but you may not find that you can accept this source:

In Topic: Anger, Quick Temper, Depression

29 April 2012 - 04:15 PM

I just came across this thread, which has been going a long time. I have the problem, too, and it's obviously hereditary, in both my parents and their relatives. Some of you have not gotten any relief from the gluten-free diet. I get the anger when glutened, but for me, there is something else that keeps it going longer, and causes the problem by itself. My doctor is an MD practicing for many years, who is a nutritionist, who has been gluten-free for more than 20 years. This is what my doctor told me, and diagnosed me with: I have pyroluria, an inability to convert typical dietary and supplementary vitamin B6 (pyroxidine HCL) to the usable form of B6 (pyroxidol 5'-phosphate), which is a necessary enzyme in the utilization of the vitamins and minerals that a celiac typically is deficient in. So, I got a double whammy of malnutrition. My doctor's prescription for P5P and zinc citrate worked for me.

In Topic: Chicken Feed?

29 April 2012 - 03:03 PM

I recently determined through an elimination diet that I am sensitive to chicken (especially dark meat) and eggs. I started wondering what was in chicken feed and found that many contain wheat, barley and/or rye. So far I haven't found a source that doesn't use a feed like that. I would think that the molecule would be altered in the digestive tract of the chicken. On the other hand, it doesn't get digested in OUR digestive tracts, so maybe? Anyone else have a problem with chicken and eggs? Or has anyone ever heard of this being addressed in research?

I have had a gluten-like reaction with chicken, but not all chicken. I have been told that any liquid that is injected into chicken would be broth containing gluten. So try some expensive fresh organic chicken. The cheep frozen chicken is likely to be injected with broth.

In Topic: Muscle Weakness, Aches And Pains?

29 April 2012 - 02:37 PM

I've been Celiac diagnosed since November 2011, and doing much better since Gluten free! But I have been seriously in pain in my joints, especially in my Knees and hips, but all joints ache and I am very stiff in joints also. Lately I can't get up from kneeling without help (I'm only early 50's).
Though I have been warned about possible dairy or lactose intolerance, I figured I could just take a 'dairy ease' pill if it bothered me... so I continued to eat dairy... until now. I've been researching it further and think it might be the dairy????? Anyone else experienced with this??? Any advice or help out there??
Thanks in advance! :)

If you have casein intolerance, like I do, you just have to avoid it like gluten. It's a different issue from lactose intolerance, and the pills won't help. There can be many different causes of joint pain, including arthritis. Other autoimmune diseases are associated with celiac. Other food sensitivities can be involved. I do suggest testing for additional food sensitivities, if you can.

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