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Member Since 10 Oct 2007
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Topics I've Started

Strange Bm, Help!

28 December 2011 - 04:40 PM

I ate at a restaurant Friday evening, ordered from their "gluten free" menu. I had a very strange bm yesterday and was wondering if the two could be related. Not sure how long the travel time is from eating to eliminating. Here's what it looked like: (warning, gross part) It was a very pale yellow or light gray color,was hard to tell really, and it was foamy and had holes in it. There was also a little oil on the top of the water.

Everywhere I searched on the internet says liver disease, gallbladder disease, and then they mention celiac or ibd. I don't remember having this in the past, perhaps something similar but nothing to this degree. Has this happened to anyone else after being glutened? My liver was checked in October so I wouldn't think it is that..but gosh who knows. I don't trust my body anymore. The other part, I am pregnant and have been having horrible reflux the past few weeks. Again, related to the bm? No clue. Hope someone knows!

Celiac & Capillary Issues

13 October 2011 - 10:31 AM

I have Celiac, diagnosed in 2007. I am also pregnant, 24 weeks. Recently I have developed several red, pin prick looking capillary dots on both hands (2 or 3 on each) and one on my shoulder. They fade when pressed and return. They are singular, not rash like at all. They are not Petichia (sp?) I visited my fam practice doctor who did not know what might be causing them except for possibly a liver issue. They ran blood work to check my liver and said those tests came back normal. I visited my OB today and she said they very well could be a liver problem manifesting in my skin. I am confused since my liver lab was ok? and she saw the labs and said they were fine. Wouldn't that tell if there was an issue?? I do suffer from intestinal issues, likely Crohns that is yet to be diagnosed. I hate Celiac. I feel like I am always waiting for the next big problem. Has anyone else had a problem like this? I am going to make an appt with a dermatologist anyway, but just curious.

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