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Member Since 15 May 2004
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In Topic: Celiac Or Not?

17 May 2004 - 03:16 AM

Thanks for the reply

>> While the IGg is not a confirmed diagnosis, a high one is an indicator.

Just checked my overall detailed food intolerance results and I am not sure whether these are "high" or not, just that I have an intolerance to them

(Just found out the scale is between +1 and +4)

Any ideas?



Grains - Avoid
Wheat +3
Gluten (gliadin) +2
Rye +1

Grains - Rotate

Dairy - Avoid
Cows milk + 3

Others - Avoid
Yeast +1

In Topic: Celiac Or Not?

16 May 2004 - 01:10 AM

Hi, I'm Craig, 33 from the rainy United Kingdom which i forgot to add last time

Thanks for everyones comments. I forgot to mention that i went back on a gluten and dairy free diet last week. I am checking every label but maybe there is some hidden gluten I am missing still.

Everyone says i need to give it more time - so that is what i intend to do.Its going to be hard though! I really miss my sandwiches and 3.40 is way too expensive for a loaf of gluten-free wheat free bread. . :(

Cant say any of the supplements i am taking have helped much and i have been taking quite a few for many months, in fact i am more bloated especialy after the acidophilus (it is a high strength one though) this is why i am continuing to look for answers to hopefully improve my quality of life-before last may, i was healthy and symptom free

Does anyone have any ideas whether the supplementation i am taking wll really help, or will they possibly hinder my recovery...thats is what i am scared of? any additional supplements i should be taking ?

The food intolerence test i had was the yorktest IgG 113, it does say in the small print that;

* IgG reaction to Gliadin (gluten) is NOT diagnostic of Coeliac disease

This is really why i am questioning things---i need to know the best way of finding out for certain if i am a celiac,whether that be blood test, stool test, another endoscopy, or something else.

Many thanks again-i appreciate everyones help... bear with me with all these questions. i am learning a lot from this forum.



In Topic: Celiac Or Not?

15 May 2004 - 02:49 PM


thanks for the prompt reply.sorry i had a food intolerence test but wasnt sure if the results were conclusive as my gut was rejecting all food at the time of the test.



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