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Promethius Lab Vs Enterolab

01 November 2007 - 04:22 PM

Just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts about testing....My friend who is a dietician recommends Promethius lab for testing. I asked her what she thought about Enterolab and she just said she was not familiar with it. I see that Prometheus is more expensive, but has anyone had any experience with one or the other being recommended? Any differences besides the cost? I am going to argue with my insurance company to cover the cost for our whole family.


Thanks for the input

Looking For Birthday Cake Recipe...gluten And Rice Free?

27 October 2007 - 10:33 AM


In Limbo, Could It Be Celiac,

19 October 2007 - 09:35 AM

Hi there- some of you may have already come across what I am writing below as i have replied to a few postings with this same story, but I am writing this as it's "own topic" - if you will- to hopefully pick your brains:

My 11 month old has been having sleep issues since he was 8 wks old. He started with his first ear infection at 6 wks old, up all night crying, after the antibiotics he started sleeping throught the night and did so for a few weeks. At 8 wks old he started with this routine of going to sleep no problem...lay him down in his crib, he would fall asleep and then a few hours later he would start fussing, arching his back, acting like he was in pain. He also would get this terrible rash which eventually led him to the rheumatologist who ruled out rheumatoid arthritis, but referred us to an allergist who figured out he had some food allergies which was very interesting since we hadn't introduced food yet! Peanut and rice. We figured his rash was itchy and was keeping him up at night. I was nursing so I eliminated all rice and peanut and his rash cleared up! He kept on with the nighttime screaming though. Most nights he would wake every 30 minutes or so, sometimes screaming, arching his back, sometimes just whimpering. We then went the reflux route. Tried some Prevacid and miraculously after three days of being on it he went to sleep in his crib and slept 12 hours straight! This is a baby who just a week ago had been sleeping about 2-3 hours a night total. Well this was short lived and after about a week, he was back to his night misery. During the day he is great. happy, no diarrhea, no vomitting, no spitting up ever. just this night time pain. I will say that although he does not have diarrhea, he does have really foul smelling poop. We tried letting him cry it out- he would go on and on all night long....a week went by and besides feeling like a terrible mother, nothing changed. He has seen a neurologist, a gastroenterologist- who ordered an upper gi and ultrasound which were both fine. now they want to do an overnight sleep study with a ph probe and eeg. It occurred to me today that he has had lots of gas at night...I got to doing some research and came across celiac disease and called our pediatrician who ordered some blood work. He had his blood tests today and i dont know what i am hoping for. i guess i am hoping they are negative although i realize that doesnt necessary mean he doesnt have it. . for now, i dread the nights and just hope that he will just grow out of whatever is going on! So I have been perusing this site and found some great information. So I have decided to just try a gluten free diet for a month now that he has had the blood tests. My understanding is that even if I decided I wanted him to have a biopsy, he is so young it may not be conclusive yet? I have no intention of asking for one and would probably refuse even if it were suggested at this point. So I have a few questions to throw out there:

1)His only real symptoms are screaming (?stomach pain)and gas at night, and arguably really smelly poop: With a gluten free diet, any thoughts as to how long before I may see some improvement if indeed celiac is the culprit?

2)So this diet seems pretty strict as I read everyone's postings....I mean I even saw a posting for gluten free play-dough???? What is the deal with following the diet in terms of strictness? Are we talking a crumb will trigger a full blown misery attack of stomach pain? I have read about cross contamination: If a piece of bread touches his chicken do we get rid of the chicken????

3)Our doctor doesn't really think there is a high chance that it is celiac since probs started before he started solids, but I was nursing and I although I did eliminate peanut and rice (as he tested positive for allergies to, I never eliminated wheat) our doctor says that it is not possible for the baby to be exposed to gluten through breast milk ? something about the size of the molecule being too big? Anyone have any info on that? I don't necessarily buy it.

By the way, I forgot to mention that at 4 months (after being in the 90 something percentile) he stopped growing for 5 months and went down to the 5th percentil or something...just recently he has started growing again, but is now only in the 10th.

Ok, you guys are really the experts and I look forward to checking back to see what you have for info.

I will write with more updates as all of this unfolds!



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