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Member Since 22 Oct 2007
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22 October 2007 - 09:21 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm a new member looking for some advice. This past August I had some general blood work down and was found to be iron deficient. I'm a 22 year old college student, and we wanted to find the cause of the deficiency. After a few more tests the question of Celiac arose. I had the general gluten intolerance tests, and my results are as follows: Igg = 101.3, IgA = 49.2, Anti-TTG = normal, IgA serum=170 (normal), and Anti-EMA = normal.

Anyway, I am having an endoscopy next month and was wondering what I should do until then? I've had gluten my whole life and have been an avid consumer of gluten in college, to say the least. Cutting out gluten pretty much cuts out 99% of what I consume on a daily basis. I rarely have time to cook my own meals and frequently eat at restaurants or at various dining halls with my roommates.

I have bought a few books, some gluten free food, etc. However, the lifestyle change is positively daunting to me. I just don't have the time for it. I was wondering if I could at least wait until the endoscopy to go gluten free? However, my parents are worried and would like be to begin right now. The symptoms like excessive fatigue and bloating or upset stomach had me wondering at times if I didn't experience these more than average, but I've basically just learned to deal with them. At this point waiting seems worth it, even at the expense of possibly damaging my villi further. Any opinions?

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