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Misdiagnosed Or Not? That Is The Question!

25 October 2007 - 03:15 PM

I am hoping that someone out there will help with my situation or can at least offer some better testings that what I have already gone through. I am a male who is now 25, but has been dealing with odd issues here and there since I was younger. One day I decided that I needed a change and went to a naturopathic doctor to get checked out (she is a D.O.) I told her that I had the following symptoms (I am going to list anything and everything hoping that it might spark someones own experience or test results);

1. Constant and painful canker sores
2. Abdominal pain
3. Bad gas all the time
4. Swollen tongue (for about 3 weeks)
5. Dry Mouth at night usually
6. Weight loss
7. Severe Sinus Infections

So she decided that I was to young to have these symptoms and gave me an extensive test called MetaMatrix. This test synthesized my blood, and also gave me a IgG 4 Food Antibodies test to see what I was allergic too. The Metamatrix test indicated that I was severely allergic to the following;

1. Casein
2. Milk

Mildly allergic to;

1. Wheat
2. Navy Bean
3. Malt

And Moderately allergic to;

1. Egg White
2. Rye

In addition to these findings, I had an extensive Lab Corp Blood Test that indicated that I had test positive for billirubin( could signify gilbers disease-not a big deal I guess), low on testosterone, high on estradiol, and then positive for ANA & RNP antibodies.

She then put me on a gluten free diet, of which I followed for several months so that I could get tested for the ANA & RNP antibodies. I then had another test and they indeed were still positive and little bit higher. The doctor then refered me to a Rheumatoid Doctor.

When I saw the Rheumatoid doctor he reviewed my results from Lab Corp and told me that WITHOUT A DOUBT that I had an autoimmune disease called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. He then prescribed Lunesta (sleeping pills) & Plaquenil to counter act the auto immune disease. He said that if the Plaquenil did not work then I would have to go on Heavy Steroids.

I left there feeling a bit strange, and overwhelmed to say the least and decided that I needed a second opinion. However, at this point I have spent thousands of dollars (b/c of my weak insurance) and decided to see a friend of the family who was an internal medicine doctor.

This internal medicine doctor told me several things. First, the MetaMatrix test was a complete bag of "B.S." and that I should not pay attention to the allergy readings. And, that I did not have an autoimmune disease because my symptoms were not strong enough.

So if you could imagine I NOW was feeling like an ALIEN. My first doctor prescribed that I had severe food allergies based on the MetaMatrix test, and that I should go on a gluten free diet. She also recommended that I go see a Rheumatoid doctor who told me that I had an auto immune disease with 100% certainty. I then saw another doctor who negated the first two doctors and told me that I wasted my money on tests, and that I did not have an autoimmune disease.

I was going to give up because of lack of funds, and because of the conflicts but decided that I could not just sit here so I went to Arizonia to visit the MAYO Clinic. There I saw all sorts of doctors, Rhematoid, internal medicine, I had an endoscopy, x-rays of my joints, etc.

This is where the funny stuff happens - In my first two LABCORP tests that cost me a $1,600.00 bucks to run, I was positive for the ANA & RNP antibodies. In my MAYO clinic test they could not detect a trace. It did not even register. The doctors were perplexed to say the least, and I was thinking that their tests were inaccurate. Then the Rheumatoid doctor, said based on my results that I did not have an autoimmune disease, but that it could be to early to tell. I think he was protecting his own ass, with some good news wrapped in there :) I then saw an allergist who gave me a skin prick test of all the items I was supposedly allergic to and it ALL CAME BACK NEGATIVE!

The endoscopy came back okay, but the doctor said that I should have another one in six months on a regular diet because they would not be able to tell if there was a problem because of the Gluten Free diet I had been on for 6-7 months.

So after spending countless hours, and $10,000.00 I am back to square one, and have decided to not see anymore doctors until I research and research and research. I am still having the following symptoms

1. Sinus problems (less now since I have been a sinus rinse)
2. Canker sores (tried all types of tooth paste)
3. Some Dry mouth
4. Bad Gas - abdominal pain

I noticed that if I had beer two weekends in a row (say two on Sat. and another two the following Sat.) I would have a canker sore to contend with. So I stopped that as well.

I am looking for someone who might have gone through similar results, and can point me in a direction. Maybe some tests that I should have etc.

Thank you!

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