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sister golden hair

Member Since 29 Oct 2007
Offline Last Active Mar 02 2014 05:49 PM

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In Topic: Vietnamese Spring Roll Wrappers - Gluten Free!

02 March 2014 - 05:51 PM

Does anyone know if Blue Dragon Spring Wrappers are gluten free? I have looked at the label but they don't say. I tried to find them online but their website on their pkg kept coming up with restaurants, tattoo shops, etc. Not sure if I want to try them in case they are cross contaminated, you know? Thanks!


In Topic: Celiac And Hypoglycemia

31 March 2013 - 07:52 PM

Hi desparteladysaved, thanks for the quick response. It amazes me how many people have the same problems! Ha, right before I checked my e-mail I took a sip from some pineapple juice in the fridg, old habits die hard! Well got a little woozy in my head and felt strange so wasn't sure what to do so I took one of my glucose tablets and slowly but surely it worked, feeling better now. The doctor said to carry them everywhere I go.  I also made some almond muffins with almond flour. Used stevia for the sweetner, it replaced the agave nectar. I also added a tb. sp of rice milk to give it some moistness. They look and smell good so I hope they work as a protein rich and fiber snack without the sugar. I also have some hard boiled eggs ready for morning as I am finding out I need to eat at least within 15 min upon waking up. Lots of steamed veggies in the fridg and some frozen blueberries.

   I think I too may have to just have a couple of berries at a time instead of a nice portion that I am used to. I am going to start writing everything down, test my sugar and see what bothers me.....what we have to go through!!

   I have a tangled small intestine which gives me alot of problems if I am not careful about what I eat. I will get infection in it and then back on antibiotics.

   How long have you been diagnosed with Celiac? It was back in 2002 for me. I had misdiagnosed for over 20 years. That's a long time to be sick! Well if you feel like keeping in touch , just write.... I'm living in upstate N.Y.  Thanks for the feedback,  :)

In Topic: Celiac And Hypoglycemia

31 March 2013 - 01:44 PM

Hi, haven't been on this site for some time now but since I have been having the same issues as what I am reading here about everyone else, I guess I thought I would check it out. I see the posts are almost a year old but no big deal , I hope someone reads them and replys!  I also suffered for years with candida and found out it was related to dairy and corn products. Same with the rashes. I also would get UTI 's frequently and it was a vicous cycle of antibiotics, and creams and depression! Wow what a rollar coaster ride it has been.

  I have eliminated dairy, corn most sugars. I started by doing the Eat Right For Your Blood Type which really helped me get a handle on all the symptoms I have had along with the celiac.  I am now having low blood sugar attacks. I had the 3 hr. fasting glucose intolerance test in which the Dr. said after I drank the sugary liquid, my sugar went way down instead of spiking high first and then dropping. It continued to drop after that.  I was sick for 2 days after that test, had a hard time recovering from it. I now have to go to an Endocronologist next week for more testing.

   I have changed my diet so many times, and I guess this will be one more time, but like others I have been baking with the nut flowers and using Stevia if I have to sweeten anything. I hope we all get the diet under control...... Take care and write back if you get this! Sister Golden Hair

Is anyone dealing with a combination of Celiac and Hypoglycemia? Seems like a lethal combination to me. I was diagnosed with low blood sugar when I was 9 and Im struggling a bit with all of this.

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