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In Topic: Childhood Apraxia Of Speech -- Gluten Or Possibly Casein Connectiton?

21 December 2007 - 05:25 PM

Bear with me on this long post, there's a reason for telling such a story - to answer your post

This is long, I know, but there's a response here about getting your friends to trial the child to gluten-free before he's older.

Five years ago there was a special on 20/20 or 60 Minutes about Gluten Intolerance. This was the same time period that my middle daughter was almost 5, and doctors were considering whether she was in the Autism spectrum. She had severely delayed speech, talked and sounded like she was speaking Chinese, would have absolutely RANDOM tantrums, or spacy spells, or be extra lovey, for no reason WHATsoever. A close friend called me to tell me this special was on. The child they were describing on this Gluten Intolerance special was EXACTLY like my daughter. Call her Peanut2. After about 4 months of discussing with doctors, we finally found out the 'right' blood test of the time, and she tested positive. "It's a weak positive," I was told, and wasn't given much assurance that going gluten-free would really help her. They were sympathetic like they would be if I was dealing with a severely MR child and in denial. Well, at that point, Peanut2 was pretty sad off. Peanut2's behavior resolved within about three months of going gluten-free. Her stools straightened out, her speech TOOK OFF, and she is now a fairly well adjusted (though still extremely ...independent) young lady.

I let us stop the gluten-free diet when it seemed like maybe that wasn't really what the whole problem was after all. All four of us (three girls ages 4-8, and myself) went gluten-free but later doctors convinced me to try Miralax on one, Cerave on another, and liver medication and treatment for gastric paresis on me. Without a firm diagnosis I guess the willpower wore off, and I was told to do gluten-free if I felt like it, but there was no medical reason.

It's been almost two years eating normal again, and am I sick! I have fatty liver, thyroid issues, supposedly insulin resistance, chronic pain in my back and hips when I sleep. The mental confusion that crept up on me over the last few months, though, put me over the edge. I couldn't function at work. On a long-shot, I tried going gluten-free. Within a week EVERYTHING began to resolve. My weight has even started coming down (it had crept back up as my liver was starting to grow again).

Part of the confusion I mention is I can't get words out right. Sometimes I pick the wrong word, sometimes I garble the sounds. I also get quite agitated, irritable, and just plain pi$$t off. Forgetful, too.

What this has to do with Peanut2 is that I am now terrified that she may have a relapse, or worse. My relapse proves to me beyond any doubt that I have to stay gluten-free. Now what do I do for the girls? Peanut3 loves her pizza SO BAD (is a HUGE eater but slender. Another sign to suggest she should be gluten-free) and Peanut1 is a 12 year old strong-hearted, self-fulfilling, mother-knows-nothing girl that gets the 'plug-em-ups' but has already declared she'll never go gluten-free again. Like, hospitalizingly bad.

If your friends even think the child might need a gluten-free lifestyle, it doesn't hurt - and the benefits can be life changing for a child who is mentally, physically, behaviorally, and/or speech inflicted by Gluten Intolerance. I waited too long to get firm about living gluten-free, and it may be too late for the 12 year old. Peanut2 is young enough to persuade, but just barely.

You have made me realize this could be my baby girls whole problem.Thank you so much for writing this.Maybe now i know the problem why she is not potty trained and speech delayed and does sparatic mean spells.

In Topic: Mcdonald's French Fries

21 December 2007 - 05:11 PM

I've never had an issue with them, though it's not like I eat them a lot. They're useful when I'm travelling, though, which is very frequently. I can always stop at McDonald's and get french fries, or go to Wendy's and get a baked potato with just sour cream and chives.

I researched Wendys and found that their chili,baked potatoe with sour cream and chives,and baked potatoe with broccoli and cheese are gluten free.Their fries are also gluten free.I also love their low carb burgers,which is a burger without bread.

In Topic: Mcdonald's French Fries

21 December 2007 - 05:06 PM

I have heard conflicting things about McD's french fries...I read in a book that they have a dedicated fryer so that gluten-free'ers can eat the fries...but then I just read something that the 'flavoring' ingredient contains wheat. Has anyone else heard this?

I have had celiac for 5 months now and after researching mcdonalds web site the fries definetly have wheat.As well as their grilled chicken has wheat.So i dont eay at mcdonalds now. :blink:

In Topic: I Just Know He Has Celiac!

16 December 2007 - 03:53 PM

I know how frusterating a diagnosis can be to get and how expensive the gluten free diet can be.I was recently diagnosed with celiac,but it took the doctors 5 years to find the celiac disease and by then i was severely dehydrated and anemic.I spent a week in the hospital with really severe diarhea.My doctor said it was IBS and told me to stop eating thigs like tomatoes,cucumbers,seeds,and nuts but it didnt help.So one day i threw a hissy fit on my doctor and demanded he find the problem before i died from what was attacking my body.Of course he didnt agree.But he went ahead and did the bloodtest and a biopsy of my intestinal tract both came back positive for celiac.This disease almost wrecked my life and almost costed me my home,because i missed so much work from being so sick and missing work.6 months later i am still struggling to ctch up on my bills.I try to eat things like plain hamburger,grilled chicken,mashpotatoes,and i love spaghetti made rice noodles,and macoroni and cheese made with them.I have had to do alot of research to find what i can eat safely.Feel free to write me at reginaarmes47@yahoo.com.I recently found out all pepsi and coke products ar gluten free,as well asV8 drinks.

In Topic: I Just Know He Has Celiac!

16 December 2007 - 03:33 PM

Hi all,
My name is Casey and My Husband is Stephen our soon to be 3yr old daughter is Kyla. I have been doing lots of research on the net the last 8 month or so.
A little knowledge bout my situation......my husband started having problems alittle before our daughter was born. Sporadic diarrhea started first then months later came the stomach pain. When I was in the hospital after having a c-section he was sleeping on those uncomfortable chairs because he had to be to work at 8 pm that night and he started to cry and moan in his sleep so me and my mom woke him the the nurses rushed him to the ER. They found nothing and then he started to go to the doc. They started to tell him he had colitis and he needed a colonoscopy. He did this and it came back fine with not probs at all! They told him there are people with diabetes and people with different allergy's you just have the shits. This man has been from job to job and doctor to doctor. No solid results! Half the time was in Georgia and the other half has been here in Austin, Tx. Last year he was even diagnosed with (no real reason) IBD Irritable bowl disease (chron's, ulcerative colitis) and told he would have to have his colon removed in about 2 year. This was when we was 23 @ 21 he has the colonoscopy. So we got really worried then I researched his symptoms basically 1 by 1 and found celiac disease in January of this year. He was tested but only the IgA test. It came back neg! We just could not believe this. No real answer! The one symptom that throws us is his weight. When we got together in 2003 he weighed about 180. He is now 330 and it fluctuates! He does eat gluten free but was in denial not to long ago. He is gettin to the point of eating nothin but rice. Most of which is because he says I get on him all the time about a job and stuff. I get over whelmed alot b because I am the only one that is working and we live with a roommate because we could not pay the bills and still be ok. I don't know what else to do for him. He doesn't have any energy to do anything anymore. And I know he isn't very happy about his weight because it shows! He is upset because he feels his stomach hates him.
Our daughter on the other hand has not had any significant symptoms only on 2 occasions. Both were after she ate a sub from Quiznos and a place here in Austin called Jasons Deli. I got woke up with her screaming MOMMY MY TUMMY HURTS then the throwing up started. The first time we took her to the ER and they even transfered us by ambulance to the children's hospital because they thought the had a intestinal blockage. End result they said she had a stomach flu. The poor girl threw up for 4 hours. The second time was only about 3 months later and I just knew what to expect. I keep tellin her its ok KK you have to get it out of your system. Since then the poor girl won't eat bread! So now here I am making very low money To support the 3 of us on $8.25 an hour is very difficult and I don't even get 32 hours a week anymore since new management. They lowered my food stamps from $408 to $149 because I work. HA HA HA! My husband don't work because he can't stay out the bathroom. I have to cut my insurance from my job because its too much $83 a month I need that! He needs an endoscopy done and no doc will do one unless they think its nessecary around here. I think he may have borderline diabetes also. Any suggestions? I don't get on here much. So if you could email me @ Peaches102984@yahoo.com. If you want to leave a thread I will try to be on here in the next week. I just need support and encourgement. Also some friendly advice.


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