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Member Since 06 Nov 2007
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#374373 I Just Know He Has Celiac!

Posted by on 16 December 2007 - 03:53 PM

I know how frusterating a diagnosis can be to get and how expensive the gluten free diet can be.I was recently diagnosed with celiac,but it took the doctors 5 years to find the celiac disease and by then i was severely dehydrated and anemic.I spent a week in the hospital with really severe diarhea.My doctor said it was IBS and told me to stop eating thigs like tomatoes,cucumbers,seeds,and nuts but it didnt help.So one day i threw a hissy fit on my doctor and demanded he find the problem before i died from what was attacking my body.Of course he didnt agree.But he went ahead and did the bloodtest and a biopsy of my intestinal tract both came back positive for celiac.This disease almost wrecked my life and almost costed me my home,because i missed so much work from being so sick and missing work.6 months later i am still struggling to ctch up on my bills.I try to eat things like plain hamburger,grilled chicken,mashpotatoes,and i love spaghetti made rice noodles,and macoroni and cheese made with them.I have had to do alot of research to find what i can eat safely.Feel free to write me at reginaarmes47@yahoo.com.I recently found out all pepsi and coke products ar gluten free,as well asV8 drinks.
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