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Member Since 07 Nov 2007
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Close My Account

08 June 2008 - 02:53 PM

So I dont have celiac.. its good news. I just have stress or something. Anyhow, I need to close my account and I Have not been able to find how to do this on the website.


Possible Celiac?

07 November 2007 - 03:21 PM

I am trying to figure out what is wrong with me and my son and I suspect we are celiac. My symptoms are. On a regular diet where I eat just like everyone else does, (not dieting) after lunch I get extreme abdominal pain. Pain that doesnt go away with passing gas or going #2. I try to walk it off but the only way I can get it to go away is by lieing down till it goes away and it will continue until I do that. Its wierd because it happens right after lunch everytime I stop dieting and watching what I eat and its not fair! Seriously, I dont want to diet for the rest of my life eating apples etc! Even if I eat those microwave smart ones I get the seizing of my intestines attack. I know that I have to pretty much stay away from vegetables. I cant eat brocolli, gum with fake sweetener....etc because those start me on the cycle of pain. I had a partial bowel obstruction and I was soo miserable it was horrible and It all starts when I start eating like a normal person would. The abdominal pain and immediate seizing of my intestines and bloating are my symptoms oh and CONSTANT gas and not just regular kind, the kind that will clear a room and thats embarrasing!!! I dont seem to have any others except that i have dark circles under my eyes..and still have acne and Im 28! My mom says they I have always been a sick kid (person) that I was always complaining about my stomach when I was little just like my son is doing now and I looked like an allergy kid just like him so thatís why I want to find out, he complains about his stomach everyday.. says milk did it to him but I quit giving him milk!! When we were trick or treating downtown he got white and weak looking, almost green!! He needed to sit down! Anyhow, Thatís why I was thinking celiac. His stomach is so sensitive in the morning he will dry heave sometimes for no reason. I used to be that way and I remember that...now i just have the worst gas, gas pains, abdominal pain oh and I forgot the MUCOUS!!! Where did this mucous come from in my stool and its orangish red. Ive also had blood when wiping but I dont know what to do...I always think well those are just internal hemmoroids and Im so embarrased to talk to the doctor about my butt!!! Ive already had a fistulotomy and let me tell you, thats embarrassing. I feel stupid talking to doctors.. I went for my bowel obstruction and he did a check for gall bladder and he said that I did not have stones but I had alot of gas!!!! Well darn I know that!. I really hope someone else can help me, maybe someone else has had these symptoms. Were going to an allergist next week and Im getting tested for celiac... well Im going to tell him thats what I want to get tested for. Im 28. My son is 3. my 1 year old daughter seems fine. Thanks agaiN!

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