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Member Since 11 Nov 2007
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Rash Question

08 September 2014 - 08:12 AM

I have a rash that I've had on and off, for some time.  It itches like crazy, but then hurts too.  Tiny painful red bumps (some have blisters) but they are not in the specific locations I have seen in the descriptions.  If you've had the rash is it in other places besides the knees and buttocks and elbows?  I did have a rash when I initially became sick, that was below my elbows. (I thought I was allergic to the dish liquid I was using) but the doctor said I had scabies.  It lasted 12 years and now I have this rash that I thought was chiggers for years which comes and goes.  It comes back in the same place every time but is also now growing to other places.  I was wondering if anyone has had a rash on any other parts of their body besides those I listed or if the rash had changed location ever?  The last time I had this rash, I had tried some wheatgrass.   This time I am sick but was eating wheat right before I got the cold/sinus infection that has taken me 10 days to recover from.  I'm still recovering actually, but feel like it's finally easing up.


I'm fighting to get an appointment at the Dermatology clinic at the VA.   



I Am Sad

11 August 2014 - 06:53 PM

because I hate to be in limbo.  After 30 years of being sick, yes I want a diagnosis, but I'm never going to get one, I can see that.


The allergist said to stop eating gluten for 6 months.  That my probability of celiac disease is 1 in 35.  What good will it do to stop eating gluten..the tests and endo were negative.  What's the use?  I also have SIBO, and constantly changing food allergies so how can I even tell what is bothering my stomach, what is constipating me.  I can't, trust me, I've tried, because everything bothers me.  One time it's potatoes, next it's sugar.  I'm even allergic to gluten free grains! O.O


And then that leaves my daughter also hanging in limbo.   She also tested negative. 


I just cannot see the point.   I ate gluten for 2 months before the Endoscopy and all they saw was inflammation.  I feel like an imposter now that I know I don't have celiac disease, esp after I read that most gluten sensitivity is really SIBO.


I just needed to vent...thanks for listening. 


Cheryl :unsure:



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