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Member Since 21 May 2004
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In Topic: Celiac Disease, Gluten Ataxia And Candida

21 January 2007 - 09:45 PM

Thanks for the good luck wishes. BTW, I sent off a check yesterday for some three lac and oxygen elements plus. Several years ago I was a part of a candida forum (before I quit the diet to look into mercury) and they claimed that three lac was overrated, over priced and didn't work. This time around I've seen tons more positive testimonys on it. Including a guy I've been e-mailing who claims it did WONDERS for his wife. At almost 58 with a life time of being sick, I have nothing to loose but my ill health and unfullfilled dreams. :-) Carol B

Good luck!!!

In Topic: Celiac Disease, Gluten Ataxia And Candida

20 January 2007 - 04:14 PM

What an INTERESTING post. I haven't checked in here in AGES. I was doing a search on gluten intolerance and candida and found Rachels post. My problems began at birth and progessed and I'll be 58 this year. Several years ago my doctor suggested gluten intolerance and I thought he was nuts. All the blood work was negative (including complete new testing by the allergy doctor I was seeing at the time). I did the enterolabs test and was positive for gluten intolerance but no fecal fat. I was strict for about 6 months but still very symptomatic (except maybe my intestines felt a little better). But now when I cheat on wheat I suffer so I don't. Long story short is that my search has led me back to candida and I intend to treat it and treat it well. It was treated by two doctors but not very well. I never associated my symptoms by what I ate and was bummed to find out that all of a sudden I couldn't have gluten. Now I wonder if what I really have is severe candida. Time will tell I guess. I have some Three Lac comming which I was told several years ago was overrated, overpriced and didn't work. However, I've read some amazing testimonies including e-mailing a guy who claims it did WONDERS for his wife. At my age and with all I've done (long story) it can't hurt to try. Thanks for all the research. INTERESTING to say the least. Carol B

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