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Member Since 24 May 2004
Offline Last Active May 30 2004 06:39 AM

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Problems Getting Worse Since Gf

28 May 2004 - 06:37 AM

Since eating gluten-free, my stomach has been reacting to everything I put in it.. My dietician now thinks I may be lactose intolerant as well as having Celiac. I feel like I can't even eat anything . Every time I put something in my mouth, I get either heartburn or gas pains. I have been constipated and bloated. I have been seeing a dietician for two weeks now to eat gluten-free and lose weight and instead of losing, I have gained two pounds. SHe is not worried about it as she said it is either muscle (I do alot of weight lifting) or water. It is very depressing as I am trying to lose the 20 pounds I have gained since I discovered this disease four years ago.

Anyway, I never ate gluten-free, because I had no obvious stomach problems. Now that I am adhering to a gluten-free diet, I seem to have nothing but problems! My dietician wants me to take several digestive enzymes such as Pro- Biotic and Digest - a lot. She also wants me to take Ultra lactaid when I eat lactose products and Preleif when I eat acidy foods. Al these supplements plus all the gluten-free products are expensive!

WHy would my tummy be so sensitive now that I am gluten-free? Is that a good thing that means I am actually digesting my food now and something that will resolve itself or is it something that will get worse. ?

Monica :(

Do I Need More Testing?

24 May 2004 - 03:26 PM

I was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity by accident about 4 years ago. My doctor at the time did not make a big deal about it. He told me to try and avoid Gluten containing foods and gave me a short list of foods to avoid. Since I had no symptoms, I basically continued to eat gluten. I just recently had another blood test and my IGg came back abnormal. It came back 46 which is very high. The other antibody tests came back normal. My dietician suggested that I go for further testing to see if I just have a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. SHe said that celiac disease is more serious that just a gluten sesitivity. In other word, if I just have a gluten sensitivity, than I can occasionally have gluten. I am still pretty much asymptomatic although I have had trouble losing weight since being diagnosed and I wonder if it can be related


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