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#608139 Joint Pain

Posted by on 30 April 2010 - 05:21 PM

Bea, thanks for your reply. Have you tried drinking herbal infusions for the silica? Horsetail? Oat straw? Just wondering, looking for ways to make remedies at home.

I've never tolerated B-complex vitamins well, usually ended up with nausea from them. How are the co-enzyme B complex vitamins different?

I'm intrigued with your success with these things. BTW, I'm just up the Peninsula from you, in Pacifica.


Hi Beth and all,

I am glad my experience interests you. The following will I hope answer most of your questions.

Horsetail just might work--it does have tons of silica in it. I have no idea how much to take--so I suggest trying trial and error and see if its enough help\. I would stay away from oatstraw if it is related to the wheat family. Is it?? Or is it just coincidental about the name?

Silica drops are pretty natural however. The bottle says just take x no. of drops a day (it varies depending on the brand). I have been taking twice the recommended amount, i.e., I take the regular amount twice a day. Graeme just follows the directions and it seems to be working for him, so I may be overdoing it. I think I should drop the dosage down probably. I just was so anxious at first to have more minerals due to this problem having been so long term for me.

The msm I think is also important, at least for me. As is the E-zorb for the calcium (I get it from Elixer Industries out of L.A.--just Google it and you will find it with lots of info about it. The Chinese invented it some years ago due to 20% of their population having a real a problem with poor calcium absorption). I have noticed a real negative difference when I go off of it after a couple of weeks or so and just use the calcium citrate instead. Many folks with celiac do not need the E-zorb. I have had celiac my whole life however and was put back onto gluten when I was four years old -- so its a very long term situation I have been dealing with and no doubt I have some semi permanent scarring despite all the enzymes and fibronylitic agents I take like nattokinase.

Besides my bones, hair, nails, teeth and collagen having been negatively impacted, lack of sufficient minerals also seem to have been very hard on my nervous system. Now people remark how calm I am. If I get glutened however I often get migraines and can easily become very irritable and mentally confused and out of it.

I also seem to need to take magnesium citrate. I just use the powder from Now. Otherwise I still get constipated. It is also supposed to help with all kinds of enzymatic processes in the body and helps balance the calcium. Historically I have also been taking Concentrace Trace Mineral drops for some years to help with my electrolyte balance which otherwise is off and too low. I just ordered a new kind of trace minerals however online.

I also eat a lot of home made yogurt I ferment for 24 hours in order to get more calcium while avoiding the lactose which I still seem to be allergic to. In addition the casein in the yogurt is also great for repopulating good bacteria in the gut -- plus I was reading the casein (in the yogurt) helps with the body producing its own co-Q10 and thus mitochondrial energy production (assuming of course you are not allergic to the casein of course!). This is important particularly as one ages I have discovered.

As far as where I get a lot of my other supplements, I often order them through herbs-pro. The prices are often inexpensive compared to store bought at least, esp. if I make a largish order. I tend to favor NOW products due to them being mostly gluten free (gluten-free). Country Life is as I said good for the co-enzyme B's. They are also gluten-free. Can't say if you all can tolerate them but they are fine for both me and Graeme--and Graeme had trouble with many B vitamin brands. There is some soy Lecithin in them however which could be a problem for some. I couldn't handle the sorbitol that the sublingual B's usually have.

If you can't take B vitamins, I suggest you eat a lot of chicken liver or calves liver and have more fermented food if you can tolerate it. I hear home made sauerkraut is very healing and helpful. You can make a version that is just inoculated with yogurt or acidophilous. If you can tolerate braggs apple cider vinegar that may help too.

In addition, as far as all this goes (concerning fibromyalgia like symptoms), I find having freshly blended (made in my blender in other words) vegetables as a pick me up. I remember a biologist (who massively resurrected her health after being allergic to almost everything) say that taking fresh uncooked chlorophyll like that is like getting a blood transfusion. It helps regulate all kinds of systems as well as gives extra energy and cleanses the blood. Juicing is nice too, but the blended veggies also give us the roughage we need. I find blended vegies also helps me get over any CC problems from gluten I might have faster--along with the yogurt and things like bromelain/papain caps (or eat fresh pineapple and papaya) and detox tea (I have talked about detox tea endlessly elsewhere, just do a search on it here).

Hope all this helps. It amazes me how all this stuff I thought was just me and my own peculiarities are not actually that uncommon!


PS--Beth I am thinking of starting some kind of support group one of these days when I have a little more time. Maybe we should talk sometime? And yes I love herbs too. Couldn't do without them...
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#608075 Joint Pain

Posted by on 30 April 2010 - 12:59 PM

I use the Jarro liquid silica brand (Jarrosil -- I think). Previously I used "Biosil." Both work.

I continue to be amazed at the improvement I am noticing... I used to peel my nails in the old pre-supplement and pre-awareness days that the wheat family bothered me. I improved but had to go off all trace gluten to do better. And even with all my other mineral and vit. D supplements after going off all trace gluten, my joints were still too easily messed up by any physical strain at all.

Yes this looked and felt very much like fibromyalgia... I think it often goes with joint hyper-flexibility which I have had too. Now with the silica even my neck and trick back as well as old hip injury areas have stabilized finally and are doing well. It is amazing! Of course I still exercise--but now that means I can actually do so...and if I don't, it isn't as much of an emergency.

Interestingly, my good celiac co-worker and house buddy started taking the silica and msm as well as liquid sea minerals, magnesium citrate and E-zorb (best absorbaple Calcium you can get online) and he too has stabilized and is no longer having to constantly see the chiropractor!! Its worth the extra pennies just for that alone...

By the way, taking co-enzyme B vitamins on an empty stomach also help me and my buddy immensely too. I don't seem to absorb regular b vitamins very well--nor does he. But these co-enzyme ones by country life bypass the usual route and go directly into the blood stream. Great for the nerves, brain, heart, restless legs, wired forearms, anxiety and poor memory etc.!

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#607107 Joint Pain

Posted by on 26 April 2010 - 02:57 PM

Joint pain is very common with celiac--both due to inflammation from glutening as well as general poor absorption of minerals which often causes hypermobility making it easy to overstress joints. Vitamin D is important too. What has made a huge dif. for me is to take liquid silica drops as well as msm along with all my other minerals. Its good for building collagen as well as helping osteoblasts create bone. I can now do push ups etc. whereas before absolutely not--in addition my neck and back are way better too. This is amazing actually since I am now 60 and have had this problem all of my life... I just remembered seeing a panel I had done years ago that said I was low on silica...I finally decided to try taking some and yay what a difference!

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#556071 Type O Blood And Celaic?

Posted by on 19 August 2009 - 06:44 PM

I agree with mawmaw. Some say a type O person is more likely to have celiac than others, particularly if you are of north European extraction (since 33 % of north Europeans have the gene potential to get celiac--that and Italians probably due to interbreeding during Roman times as well as Viking incursions previous to that). Type O is the oldest blood type from pre-Agrarian times and thus developed before grains became such a large part of the human diet. No matter what, type O's seem to do better with eating some meat rather than be a vegetarian.

Glutenous grains were introduced to North Europeans roughly 1200 to 1500 years later than in the rest of Europe.

The original "bread basket" was in Mesopotamia. Back then barley was the first glutenous grain used. It and the early forms of wheat had far less gluten than what is produced today. Ironically grain produced in the north has more gluten in it due to the shorter growing season.

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#417837 Gluten Free Survival Kit

Posted by on 10 April 2008 - 02:32 PM

How great!

The electricity just went off here in the Los Gatos hills for a while. A little reminder of 3 1/2 days earlier in the year without power.

I couldn't handle all the chocolate and sugar goodies, however my mom can and the rest looks great!

Just would add a nice propane two burner portable cooker. Plus extra propane tanks. It really helps.

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