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In Topic: Slightly Protruding Rib

03 December 2007 - 06:00 AM

I have noticed that on my left hand side, one of my middle ribs protrudes further out than the other right. I am trying work out what could be causing this. I want to rule out problems with my stomach if possible. My stomach did tend to get bloated when eating gluten but reduced alot now i am off it. I wonder if this bloating could be pushing the rib out. i know it sounds strange as its only one rib.

Anyone heard of this, should i visit the doctor or chriopracter do you think? :rolleyes:


This is the first response I have written on this site, so hopefully I am responding in the right place. I may be experiencing the same problem and my immediate assumption was that it was associated with my work out routine, but my sister and mother think I should see my physician about it. Could you tell me if this left rib is hurting?


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