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In Topic: Any Celiac Athletes?

18 August 2005 - 09:56 PM

I'm a college athlete and I can identify with almost all of these problems. My energy levels bounce around like crazy! I'm a swimmer and my coach frequently pulls me out of practice because I'm shivering or light headed. I usually swim distance events, and half of the time I feel like I have no energy to finish the practices. Man, I wish I could sprint!! I also play rugby, which is actually easier to handle celiac-wise. The hardest part about both teams is when we travel (sometimes for as long as a week for training). It's so diffucult for me to find food, I usually end up not eating much.

I saw a nutritionist at the Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center and she recommended eating 2 hours before and work out and directly after to try and maintain some constant energy level.

Last summer, I rode my bike to the Atlantic Ocean with my dad for fun. It took a couple weeks (from Indiana) and it was hard to eat gluten free since we carried all of our food, but it was worth it!

I'm so glad to find other people who stuck with their sports. Most trainers and doctors I've come across just equate celiac disease with 'no sports' and expect me to quit and go home and bake bread! :P

In Topic: For The (former) Beer Drinkers Among Us...

26 June 2005 - 07:54 PM

I have tried both the Ramapo Valley and the Bards Tale beer. I like the Bards Tale the best. It has a more bitter taste, while the Ramapo is quite sweet. To me, the Bards tastes more like regular beer...at least from what I remember it tasting like :)

I too live in Indiana! I'm from Indianapolis and Broadripple isn't far from me. But I go to school in Pennsylvania which makes it hard to get the beer from NY unless I have a friend get it for me.

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