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In Topic: How Come Gluten Didnt Bother Me In Italy

25 November 2012 - 09:40 PM

I know this is already a few months old but because I disagree with most of what was said here I want to post my opinion for the sake of future readers.
First, unless I missed something I didn't see anywhere that the OP said he/she had celiac, all I saw was “gluten sensitivity” which is not the same. In a video I saw a few months ago on Youtube, (and which unfortunately is no longer available) the difference between gluten intolerance, sensitivity and celiac was explained. If I remember correctly an intolerance is more of an allergic reaction and sensitivity is difficulty digesting it which can lead to full-blown celiac in some individuals.
Next, I disagree with the statement “wheat is wheat”, the GMO wheat we eat here in the USA has several extra sets of chromosomes and the gluten in it is not quite the same as natural wheat. Dr. Davis explalins this in his book “Wheat Belly” and in several videos available on Youtube as the reason why so many people are having trouble with wheat and he is of the opinion no one should eat it. Also, “gluten is gluten” is not entirely correct, all grains contain some type of gluten but only some are really bad for celiacs, also, each grain has a different proportion of gluten, and naturally, wheat has the highest percentage of all, whereas oats has the lowest, which probably explains why many people only seem to have a problem with wheat. The video also mentioned that all glutens appear to cause some intestinal inflammation though, but I imagine that is more of a problem on a heavily grain-based diet and is probably the reason why some, like Dr. Mercola, actually recommend a grain-free diet for better overall health.

In Topic: Very Hard To Lose Fat

15 October 2012 - 09:47 PM

I realize this post is now 8 mo. old and the OP may not need help but I noticed NO ONE answered her question regarding the anti-depressant he/she was taking and that bothered me because from what I've learned the answer could be "yes", but that would depend on which a/d it was, some can actually help weight loss. But since several SSRI a/d contain fluoride, which has a suppressive effect on the thyroid by virtue of blocking iodine absorption, perhaps taking supplemental iodine could (or could've been of) help in this situation.

In Topic: Hello, Introducing Myself

12 October 2012 - 12:21 AM

Thank you all for the advice and the welcome, I will check out the products! I just had blood tests this morning (10 vials) to check my levels, so I'm hoping I'll get some answers.

Hi and welcome!

Besides having studied Cosmetology, which led me to participate in hair forums, I also was studying Holistic Nutrition so I know quite a bit about nutrients, and one that I researched and has a lot to do with hair health but is also related to PCOS is iodine, please read go here.

Biotin is part of the B-complex and I learned that it's never a good idea to take a single B vitamin without properly supplying the other known 10 factors. Silica has worked for me, more specifically with MSM, a form of sulfur, another mineral that plays an important role in hair and skin health.

Magnesium "oil" (or liquid mg. chloride), intended for transdermal use, is applied by some people directly on the teeth, with a brush, to help strengthen them, especially when the enamel is worn out and the teeth look translucent. I don't know if these days it can be found at health food stores but I've been ordering mine online from www.health-and-wisdom.com because their prices are very good.

In Topic: Hello

11 October 2012 - 10:11 PM

Thanks for your story, Davina. May I say that your doctor doesn't know that the other 50% of celiacs have constipation, not diarrhea??? You do sound, at the very least, gluten intolerant. I hope you convince someone to test you (tell whatever lies are necessary for this :P :P :ph34r: because sometimes that's what it takes). And I am a Pinocchio :D

Let us know how things turn out.

I didn't know celiacs could suffer from constipation! That was the story of my life, in fact, I had intestinal/digestive problems on/off since childhood but the bane of my life was constipation, then in the last couple of years began having both intermittently and finally very directly after eating wheat sometimes, so it's very possible I already had problems with gluten or at least wheat way back then.

Oh, sorry! Hi Davina! I hope you will soon be able to go on your gluten-free diet so you can start feeling better soon!

In Topic: IíM So Glad I Have Celiac Disease Or Gluten Intolerance

11 October 2012 - 09:49 PM

Great story Mr. Happy, thanks for sharing it! And congratulations on your many improvements in such a short time, it's very likely that the rest will follow as time goes by.

I feel exactly like you, no way I want to put my body through more suffering (now that I finally "got it") just to get tested. I don't know if all my problems will resolve in time since I'm older AND for years played the "game" of "resting" from gluten, or mainly wheat, and then even when I did try going gluten-free I was not always careful about cross-contamination and sometimes did cheat in small amounts thinking what I had was more of a wheat "allergy", and all that probably caused a lot of unseen damage over time. When my gut began to react and my liver function got worse,because my father was a diagnosed celiac I figured I probably inherited the genes from him but I still was in denial for a good while, it took my having some very scary episodes this year to realize this is nothing to play with.

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