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Member Since 02 Jan 2004
Offline Last Active Oct 03 2004 04:06 PM

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In Topic: My Bread Machine

22 February 2004 - 07:34 PM

Hi there all thanks for the help i have emailed bobs redmill ;) and am waiting for a reply. :o :: where are you stacie as i dont know of a place you said selling the producthuh i live in country victoria B) in australia hope someone can help
thanks :rolleyes:

In Topic: Social Anxiety

14 February 2004 - 08:38 PM

;) hi lisa b
from reading everyones messages i have come to the conclusion that everyone is differnt with celiac disease it effects us all in a different way i still find things i am having trouble with and i have been gluten free since 2002
still have the depression and shut myself away in my safe house where everything is great as i dont have any tempations from out side
love to hear everyones input though keepem coming
Jacque :blink:

In Topic: Social Anxiety

11 February 2004 - 06:31 PM

;) Hi shar4
it is fantastic that you feel so good about yourself now but the tablets are helping you dont go off them you need them for a while at least i made the mistake of going off them and now i am regretting it i am actually going back to the doctors to go back on them
let me know how you are going and hope things are great for you and yankeedb thanks for the info i like to gather as much as i can get (info that is :unsure: )

In Topic: My Bread Machine

08 February 2004 - 01:55 AM

hi stacie :D
i am wondering where you can get the bobs red mill bread mix i make my bread by hand but put it in the bread maker to bake as at the moment its so hot here im in australia weather about 40oC so i dont light the oven...... :huh:
i would love to see if it is available here

In Topic: Grieving

08 February 2004 - 01:47 AM

Hi there cristie
i have the same problem i dont work but when i go out or have lunch with people i ask for gluten free people look at you as though you have two heads and then say it wont hurt to have something huh they dont know the half of it i just wish one day they would see what it is like i have really bad days where i dont even go out and my hubby says he understands but when we are out he coments on not having the old things we used o have which gets me angry i am so down most of the time if only i say ,.......if only
jacque :(

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