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In Topic: My Life Long Stuggle

Yesterday, 05:02 PM

That's great you are feeling better Mike!  It makes sense to have your dad tested.  Celiac is genetic so it tends to run in families.  It seems that the genes for celiac are also related to some other auto-immune diseases.  There are lists of celiac associated diseases on the internet.  So sometimes people with celiac start checking their relatives and find they have auto-immune diseases also.  Things like rhuemetoid arthritis or Hashimoto's thyroiditis disease etc, etc.   Stick around and we will be glad to help you get started and answer questions.  and Merry Christmas! :)

In Topic: Feel Like There Is No Answer

Yesterday, 08:09 AM

Hi Brit,


I had mucus sometimes before going gluten-free.  Alternating constipation and diahhrea is fairly common I think.  The effects of celiac disease damage can be spread throughout the body.  They aren't necessarily confined to the gut.  Some people develop a skin rash, some get joint pain, some get brain lesions.  There are other symptoms too (300 or so).  The skin rash associated with celiac disease is called dermatitis herpetiformis.  The brain lesions are associated with gluten ataxia.

In Topic: My Life Long Stuggle

Yesterday, 06:34 AM

Welcome Mike!


Yes, it's pretty common for doctors to mis-diagnose celiac disease patients.  I think they say the undiagnosed celiac percentage is something like 85% now.  Down from 90 or more % earlier.  Many people suffer with symptoms for years before getting diagnosed or just deciding on their own to go gluten-free.  The celiac testing isn't perfectly accurate so there is a chance of false negatives in it.


It would be good idea to get your test results from the doctor in writing for the celiac panel and the endoscopy.  You can have the celiac panel redone and see if there is any difference.  Sometimes labs make mistakes too.  There are people on the forum who had negative blood tests but positive endoscopy results too.



In Topic: Endoscopy Biopsy Results Were "could Reflect Mild Celiac Sprue"?

18 December 2014 - 06:11 AM

Hi Mandy,


You might want to read Dr. Peter Green's book:




I think he recommends women wait 6 months after going gluten-free before another pregnancy.  Probably so the body has a chance to recover/heal some and restore vitamin levels to normal.  People on this forum sometimes report ongoing symptoms after going gluten-free that last up to a year or more.  Not everybody takes that long to recover but it does happen.  That time might be shortened by being extra careful of your diet choices.  Eating mostly whole foods and avoiding processed foods for example.


Like Squirmy said, if you aren't eating gluten before tests they are not reliable.  That means eating gluten for a period of time, not just a day before the test.

In Topic: Texas Roadhouse

16 December 2014 - 08:55 PM

This post is from 2006.  Most restaurants change the menu in 8 years.


A very pointy point indeed Karen! :)


The TR in my town wasn't even built 8 years ago! :)  So an update to the info seems warranted.


This is what their website says about the current (December 2014) gluten-free menu below:






"While we recognize that some guests have specific dietary needs, we are no longer able to offer our gluten-free menu at this time. It was a very difficult decision, but we concluded that due to the multi-use of utensils, supplier changes, substitutions, and the possibility of human error, we could not offer our guests a total assurance that the items were indeed 100% gluten-free. As such, we decided that the best approach was for the management team at each restaurant to work with guests individually to ensure that they can make the most informed menu decisions. Please ask to speak to your location's Managing Partner, who will be happy to accommodate any requests or provide information about our food and preparation. Thank you for your interest in Texas Roadhouse!"




Basically they don't have a gluten-free menu anymore.  I think it is worth checking with the local TR staff on their gluten-free options if you like that kind of place.  Like I said in another thread, I've eaten at our local store 3 times and not been glutened.  I had a steak, green beans, and sweet potato.  Hopefully their other locations are good at gluten-free also.  At our local store in Athens, Ohio, the staff told me they could make any of the steaks gluten-free.  My sister had a chicken breast and she was ok.