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In Topic: Been Eating Wheat Now For A Few Months

07 August 2008 - 06:05 PM

Well I think for me it isn't necessarily Celiac...but probably a spectrum of intolerance with dairy and wheat.

I think for me its about knowing how to eat these foods...and listening to my body. My problems in the past were from not eating them correctly...gulfing down these foods. If I ate enough of them fast, it literally could put me in a opiate haze... and also just having tons of undigested or slowly digesting food could dull me way down.. so I was using it like a drug.

But I realized from eating different ways over the years how you can do the same thing with a chicken and rice dish.

Right now I just feel pretty good.

But one thing also, is that I was looking for some magic-ticket to be happy all the time... what I really found was that eating certain ways can make you not have so much gunk inside you...so you can feel lighter, and feel things more and get highs from a spiritual level...

What has been helping me the most is to become more social... to get more friends and have good times. To care about other people. These simple things make you feel great, connected... not self-centered. And I eat less because I get nourishment from socializing.

Thanks, good luck to you all.

In Topic: What Can You Do To Determine If You Have Villi Damage?

19 June 2008 - 10:51 PM

Thanks so much Rachel!

So, if I ended up NOT having the celiac genes, then the chances of me having damaged villi are probably small?

But then again... I could still have villi damage from say, candida?

I think I do want to test the genes. If I have any celiac genes then I'll go for blood test and maybe biopsy. I wish I could someone just look inside my intestines myself NOW HOW EASY WOULD THAT BE!!! ahhhh perchance to dream

In Topic: Ate A Bunch Of Gluten And Nothing... Questioning And Confused

17 June 2008 - 03:25 PM

DjoyG -

Thats the thing. I am taking a large amount of these particular vitamins. And honestly they really -do- make a difference. I know its not placebo.

So that may mean that my villi are healing, and I just happen to have enough villi to absorb this stuff.... or, that I'm taking -enough- of it to smother the remaining villi I have?

I really don't think its placebo... the first time I took this stuff I had zero idea how it would effect me. In fact I thought it would take a week to notice a difference, but in fact I realized a difference within a half hour. I've taken many different herbs and a few medications so I feel I'm objective enough.


Yeah I think it really would be best to remain gluten free... I mean I don't think I went through all of this for nothing... it could just be that I'm actually getting close to being healed...? I don't know... I just want to be NORMAL!...

Shay- I know what you mean about eating well. I mean...there is no real reason for me to be eating gluten anyways...its just ridiculous. I could just as easily go to the store and binge on some gluten-free cereal with hemp or rice milk.

In Topic: Ate A Bunch Of Gluten And Nothing... Questioning And Confused

14 June 2008 - 03:19 PM

Thanks AndreaB,

I just don't understand it logically. Why would it need to 'build up'?? I thought it was a reaction to gluten at the villi, where your body autoimmunes it...

I'm just confused... I didn't continue to test the gluten as I don't think I can afford to do that right now. Plus its like, geez.... why would I have gone through all this... and told everyone that I had issues with gluten, if its not true?

I have "tested" myself in the past... and I remember telling myself I never wanted to do that again... ugh...

What I'm wondering is...if I am just the type of person that my villi have been damaged, OR... that my villi are fine and I just have issues with gluten.

But that doesn't seem to explain why I seem to have good results with supplementing B6/zinc/magnesium/b12.... because according to my own personal theory my villi are still damaged and that is why I still need to take these supplements...

But I feel I've been doing a lot "better" recently... but the past few days I've started not using my supplements as much and I don't know...I feel like I'm sorta returning back to how I was...which... I guess I'm not as happy with that person?

I don't know what is wrong with me. I really just want God to come down from a shining cloud in the sky and say


because then I could be like, YEA GOD.... THANKS

But now its like...its this huge mystery what is going on with me... in some ways.

And I also feel like there is so much we don't know. Like... some people say if you eat gluten once then all of your villi just die again. I mean come on... we don't even know!!

The thing that irks me is that I read that candida can also cause the body to attack its own villi... so many thats part of the issue?? Is it? What if candida is just the result of eating too much wheat and dairy stuff on a daily basis...because that stuff could just be harder to digest...

So you end up getting other stuff eating away at all the putrifying waste inside of you... which gives off its own symptoms... and maybe even eats your villi.

I guess I would really just love to have a camera inside of me so I could see what is truly going on. I feel like I have to approach this whole thing blindly. So yes...genetic testing would be good... But even so, is that the end all/be all?? I feel like there is just simply more to this whole story...

Like what about all the gluten intolerant people who get symptoms but don't get villi damage. How do you know your not getting villi damage????

Sorry I'm just confused right now...a head full of questions...questioning.

In Topic: Still Having Trouble

07 June 2008 - 07:12 PM

You probably still need more months to heal your villi if thats the cause of your issues.

Since I've started taking large doses of B6/zinc (plus some magnesium and sublingual B12)... I feel way better mentally... kinda like taking an SSRI is how it feels to me in some ways.

I find personally dairy "seems" to make a difference...although its kinda subtle. It doesn't make me depressed in the way that gluten does... but it makes me feel very like... apathetic/numb/etc...

You may have a leaky gut because of the gluten, combined with not enough food enzymes to digest the dairy proteins (because of the lack of villi-where the enzymes come out (if i'm right about that)) .. so what is happening is you are intaking through your leaky gut undigested morphine-like dairy proteins...

That is just from what I have read on the net and here.

So try eliminating dairy. It may be easier to get on a high dose of B vitamins. Read my sig its what works for me. It was really hard to get off dairy before getting my serotonin in line (from the B vitamins"... because i was addicted to the opiate effect of dairy... it helped me stay more calm but at the expense of my mental functioning it seemed.

Ahhh its all such a big mess...but I do feel better now.

Hope that might help.

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