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#580951 Lightheaded Still

Posted by on 13 December 2009 - 07:08 AM

I'll add my standard answer.


I had lightheadedness and all of that too, along with neuropathy, all due to hypoglycemia, the cause of the hypoglycemia was yeast.

Probiotics and Candex fixed me up.

Because the balance in our systems is so screwed up it allows yeast to thrive.
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#577258 Need Advise On What To Say

Posted by on 23 November 2009 - 03:50 AM

I just tell people a head of time. If its just strictly with friends then we offer to cook or we just tell them things that always work well.

If its a group we just tell them what is going on and offer to bring a few dishes that everyone will like that we can eat.

My wife makes a layered raspberry, pudding, whip topping, choclate flourless brownie dessert that is incredible. We usually bring that with us. Don't call it gluten-free, call it a chocolate flourless brownie. In years past that was considered a high end dessert. It has become more common, both Outback and Bonefish Grille serve it now.

Usually people are more than happy to accomodate. Plus we know what tastses as good and what tastes like crap when gluten-free so we just make sure we do not inconvience anyone else from that aspect.

For Thanksgiving dinner we used to bring along a single stuffed chicken. We use Energy white bread for the stuffing which really sucks to eat, but made in stuffing its awesome(bread, sage, celery, onions, salt/pepper and water)...so we make our own gravy and all that. After a few people tried the stuffing they had no idea it was gluten-free and now we supply the bread and they stuff the turkey with it. We make the gravy with corn starch and no one even knows the difference.

I'm never embarrassed to tell anyone anything about this. The more people that know the better simply because I think a huge portion of people's on going medical problems are the results of very early Celiac's. My symptoms for the first 7 years only turned into a stomach/bowell related issue maybe 3-4 times per year and I ate gluten every single day.

I had a doctor treat a rash I'd get in my inner thigh and ankles for 12 years with cortizone cream, that was related to gluten.

All these little things I hear people complain about are things I used to complain about, until I gave up gluten....you'd be surprised, I've even had a few friends go gluten-free to see if it helped. Most it did but their issues were not severe enough for them to make the sacrifice.
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