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Topics I've Started

Peach Cobbler - Family Loves It!

25 July 2008 - 07:31 AM

I started putting this recipe together for my birthday, based loosely on an old recipe from my childhood. Its not the kind where its all mixed together, tho - this is more like a deep dish pie with a sweet but dry cake-like top. I buy the peaches and let them get over-ripe before cooking, so they are very sweet and juice. Peel by dunking in to boiling water for a minute or two, then in to cold water - peels should come off easily. Note, my husband, who originally hated all my gluten-free cooking, has been devouring this. My son pointed out that its even better slightly warmed in the microwave!

Peach Cobbler

8-10 cups sliced, peeled peaches
c sugar
c brown sugar
c corn starch
tsp vanilla
dash salt
(if peaches are not juicy, add c water)

Mix together and pour in to an 8x12 baking dish, coated w non-stick spray.

c potato starch
c corn starch
4 TB soy flour
1 c sugar
4 TB margarine, softened
4 tsp bp
3 tb flax, c water (nuked 30 seconds)
2 TB soy sour cream
2 Tbsp. oil
tsp salt
1 tsp xanthan (or sub)

Mix well with fork/spoon and spread/drop on top of filling

Bake 30 45 min at 375

Question About Coconut As An Antifungal

03 July 2008 - 06:42 AM

Short version of my question: My stomach has been bad and my rx for antifungals (from my ob-gyn) ran out. Yesterday, craving sweets, I decided to eat the regular sweetened shredded coconut you buy in a bag at the grocery store, for baking, since i've read here that coconut is an antifungal. I probably ate about a cup of it, just plain. Well, this morning i woke up with total D . . . could this be die-off, or is it more likely (given my massive amounts of food allergies/sensitivities) that i'm just reacting badly to the coconut?

The longer background on whats up with me - started w wheat/milk 'allergies' dx'd by food challenges before age 1, due to constant D. Later lived in a house w copper pipes and well water, and spent 2 years on antibiotics in hs for acne, by the time I was 20 I had constant yeast infections. My stomach had been problematic my whole life, but was also at its worst during this period. I ended up taking nystatin orally probably every 5 years when the yeast was out of control.

about 16 mo ago my ob-gyn gave me a years worth of (dont remember - some 1-shot antifungal pill) to take whenever I had a yeast infection. The first pill sent me running to the bathroom in the middle of the night w horrible cramping and D. I thought it was a bad reaction to the pill. Then this past november, I quit gluten and dairy, and later had all sorts of testing and i'm now on a very restrictive diet - but not under the care of a doctor. After reading here, i gave the antifungal another try, and didnt have such a bad reaction - becuase it was probably a massive die-off that first time. When I stay gluten-free, my yeast is better. However, i eventually realized vinegar was also setting off my stomach - but the antifungal cleared that up and i avoided vinegar.

These days, any time i eat something that really bothers me (like i get glutened or something), my yeast flares up and my stomach flares up (yellow or green slime), and i take an antifungal. But . . . i ran out of antifungals. I"m afraid to even tell my ob-gyn why i want more - i take it more for my stomach, now, than for my yeast infections. I did call one dr who was recomended to me here, but he's closed for the holidays.

thanks for any and all responses and advice! Oh, i also got some raspberry leaf tea, which i've read is an antifungal, and i might stop at the hfs to see if they have any of the ones you guys talk about - caprylic acid and pau d' arco tea

Buy Chebe Near Philly Or Wilmington?

02 July 2008 - 07:18 AM

I'm just hoping someone can help! I sent my son to my mom's with four packs of chebe, and she messed up the first pack, and she's having to ration his rolls! She has tried all the places she can think of and swears no one near her sells chebe. She lives in Chadds Ford (near Wilmington, DE) and her BF lives on the main line.

If anyone knows where to buy Chebe near there, I'd really appreciate it!

Packing Gluten-free Lunches Wearing Me Down

10 June 2008 - 01:45 PM

I finally had my son tested by A.L.C.A.T, after celiac and blood draw allergy tests were both negative. He reacted strongly to gliadin (but not gluten), and after taking him off gluten, the D finally went away.

BUt - he's in middle school. I'm making chebe rolls for lunch sandwhiches, white cake from the back of the tapioca box for lunch desserts, and homemade cereal bars for snacks. If i bake a double-batch of chebe, it lasts almost a week. The lunch desserts, slightly longer than a week. The cereal bars (which maybe i should double) last a few days.

Now, he reacted strongly to garbanzo, and and mildly to rice, and also seems to be lactose intolerant. He also never liked sliced bread. I'm trying to avoid subbing everything with rice, esp since we eat rice for dinner several times a week (well, not me, tho). So thats part of why i'm not buying every pre-made or from mixes. But also, since i have such extensive allergies, and my youngest react to dyes, prepackaged foods or store bought foods are often simply not an option.

So, i'm cooking constantly. Every single meal is 100% from scratch - home made bread crumbs, home made fish sticks and chicken nuggets, home made taco seasoning mix. I give the family canned spag sauce but I cant eat it and neither can my middle one.

I'm exhausted! Taking care of a family of 5, not even working, but the 4 yo is at home and needs some attention, the dog (who's 13) needs to be walked frequently due to kidney problems, the 12 yo is in specail ed due to emotional issues and the 15 yo is constantly mad at me and i'm trying to get her an alternative placement because she barely passed her classes this year . . .and i'm cooking CONSTANTLY . . not to mention the dishes . . .and even the shopping . . .

I said something to my husband about theres got to be a better way . . .then I said when the younger one starts kindergarten, at least i'll have more time to do the dishes, which is currently his chore. He said, but thats just pushing more of the problem on you.

Am I missing something here? I mean, i've been off gluten for 6 mo and off all my allergens for about 2 or 3 months, which helps my energy, but i'm dropping weight because its hard to find things to eat (or time to prep the things i can eat), so that might contribute, and we are all a bit adhd (cept hubby) . . . but is there any way to make this easier?

Adrenal Fatigue

24 April 2008 - 07:06 AM

So, I have every reason to believe I have adrenal fatigue. I'll list some triggers below, so you can skip it if you dont want to read my way-too-long writing. What I found on line, tho, was rather limited. I seem to remember it said to rest a lot and avoid any stimulating supplements (that was what first made me drop my sam-e, and i'm also off caffiene right now)

Are there any other things to help get over adrenal fatigue?

(list of stressful events between lines)
Why adrenal fatigue? first marriage, which started on a non-violent commune, ended w me charging him w assault and getting a protective order, which was devestating. Being a single mom isnt as much fun as they say it is. Then I got laid off, heart broken and laid off again in the following year. Then I moved to the 'big city' (and got shingles becuase i so overdid it during the move), fell in love, got pregnant, got married, quit work, had a baby (my third), bought a house and moved, went back to work because hubby's green card was delayed, hated having a baby in daycare . .. baby had ear surgery, husband announced he didnt want to be married . . . around this time, middle child was dx'd w about 6 different psych disorders . . . 6 mo of fighting w hubby and me crying hysterically several times a day, he moved out for 3 mo, then came back . .. and 6 mo later he told me i could quit work.


So I finally had a chance to start to decompress from all this, and decided I should also address my food issues. I've been home since June and I do feel so much better . .. but I feel like i'm not ready to go back to work yet, i still dont like my energy level or mood, but it IS better when i'm not glutened . . . anything else I might want to try? Note, supplements are now being added like a food on an elimination diet, only 1 food (or supplement or spice) every 4 days. I just added flax seed oil, but thats my only one right now. I did try a multi-B and reacted to it.


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