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In Topic: So What Was The Verdict On Rice Chex?

29 October 2010 - 07:30 AM

Haven't visited this forum in some time, but I am so relieved to come here and find a conversation already happening about the Chex cereals. I am having bad reactions to the Corn Chex. After reading this thread, I realized I have to learn more about the BHT preservative, but I also wonder if the problem doesn't revolve around contamination in manufacture/packaging. The cereal box says nothing about how the cereal is processed.

Has anyone already looked at this angle. I am afraid to try the other Chex cereals now. I am finally pregnant (7 months...third try since our 10 year old son and the first success since going gluten and dairy free two years ago) and end up with terrible acid reflux and the chills when I eat these plus an absolutely scary mood swing/depression thing that takes over for a day or two. (I have never had your typical celiac symptoms.) It's just not safe for me, especially while pregnant.

In Topic: Will I Hurt My Baby If I Cheat?

07 January 2010 - 08:10 AM

What a great thread! Thanks for such reassuring messages.
Like the person with the original question, I too am "only" gluten and dairy intolerant (endoscopy and blood tests all neg) but have been Gluten-free Casein-free for over two years now. Now 7 weeks pregnant and unknowingly getting "glutened" for the past three weeks by my supposedly gluten-free prenatal vitamin (it contained oats). Now that I figured it out and am feeling better, all I can wonder about is how much I may have set my own body back, not to mention whether I have done some kind of irreparable damage to my pregnancy. My intolerance used to play havoc with my hormones, and that's all you need to jeopardize a pregnancy.
It pays to be extra diligent and to avoid cheating right now.

In Topic: Prenatal Vitamin.......gluten Free?

07 January 2010 - 06:16 AM

I haven't been on this forum in a while but am glad to come back for discussions just like this one. I am (finally) pregnant again and picked up the same New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal Vitamins from Whole Foods as soon as I found out. I did not see the "oats" listed in the ingredients (I really do need bifocals I guess!), but I did see the "naturally gluten free" and I didn't expect to see oats under the "herbal" ingredients. Anyway, I did not come understand that the really crappy stuff I have been going through the past three weeks was due to the vitamin. Gassy, sour/acidic stomach, acid reflux, brain fog, moodiness and fatigue and then poor sleep. I mean all of things could be chalked up to morning sickness! It kept getting worse with every day and especially after each meal. I finally put it together with one day's worth of pills left in the bottle.


Twenty-fours later now and I feeling much better. But I am paranoid as to what has been happening to the baby with all this going on the past few weeks. I am picking up a prescription for O-Cal at the pharmacy today. It so hard to figure all this out on your own when the OB office doesn't want to see you until at least 8 weeks out. I am learning from my doctor that 1000 mcg (or 1 mg?) is now the recommended level of folic acid, especially because folks are on low-carb diets or, like us, not eating all the grain products that have already been enriched with folic acid. Also higher levels of iron 27-35 mg daily, which you cannot get in many (or any?) otc vitamins.

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