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In Topic: Fructose Malabsorption?!?

23 December 2010 - 03:55 AM

I have noticed a problem where I seem to get nauseous, bloated, and just... a slow, bleh feeling when I eat foods that contain a quality amount of sugar. For example, I had a peice of gluten free chocolate bark that i made, and I didnt have a huge amount, just a couple squares. Well within the hour I felt rather queasy, hot, tired, just not good. Then later I taste tested some peanut brittle (gluten free) and I had bloating, gas and stomach pains, hot, and just didn't feel well. I have had this problem before, when i ate honey on gluten-free bread. I did some research and came up with Fructose Malabsorption.

Can anyone please explain this in laymans terms to me, and what should I do? Do I have celiacs, or FM? or both?! and what foods can I not eat/ can eat with FM???
Please help! Thank you so much in advance

Hi Country Girl until your post I knew nothing about Fructose Malabsorption. Your symptoms you described are similiar to mine. I have been on the Celiac diet for over a year now. The major change from following the Celiac diet, was my severe sleep apnea. It went from severe to readings within the normal range.

I have a "leaky gut", and Fructose a corn based sugar, causes me major distress. I am allergic to corn. If I have anything with Fructose, or corn product, my GERDs will act up. Corn, gluten, sulfites (severe allergy) and sulfates seems to be in everything. I don't eat any processed foods. As I have many allergies, my diet lately has become very problematic. I don't know what to eat anymore. Vegetables, fruit have a natural sulfur in them. This sulfur changes to sulfites in our body. I still eat them, but have an ongoing severe rash, constant itch. Sometimes I loose my breath, as if paralized, and have to force myself to think about how to take that breath. It's getting very scary.

The last paragraph is about me.

Look into an allergy to corn. I am going read up on Fructose Malabsorption. Hoping you feel good for the Christmas Holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone.


In Topic: Can Anyone Share Any Insight As To What This Is?

30 November 2010 - 03:38 AM


To start off with, my mom [My sister has Lupus and Porphyria] has Lupus, and has always been fairly gluten intolerant

[I was told to follow a gluten free diet the rest of my life].... Super sensitive to cold, my hands and feet get so cold they almost go numb, tiny floaters (about the size of a freckle)... [You discribe me well with your entire post]

Things different, you didn't mention allergies to drugs, multi-chemical sensitivies, allergy to sulfa, sulfites, sun, eggs, corn, etc etc etc.

Today I am being tested with UV to hopefully rule out Porphyria. Lupus also hasn't been ruled out. My health issues are many. MS has been ruled out. I have been diagnosed with other autoimmune diseases [Ankylosing Spondylitis (HLA B27 positive), celiac, vitiligo and Raynauds). Unfortunate for me autoimmune diseases run in my family.

Meat, Potatoes, vegetables (have problem with as they have natural sulfur - which I have very low tolerance to - that changes into sulfites in our bodies) but I still eat. I follow the celiac diet every day. Pasta made from rice is a main staple in my diet.

Hope you get answers soon. The information I provided is about me. I am hoping autoimmune diseases don't run in your family. Take care


In Topic: More Blood Work And Test Result

19 August 2010 - 05:00 AM

Hi everybody!
Yesterday I just got my results from blood work, CT and MRI. WOW!!!
I have vitamin D, magnesium, and iron deficiency. The doctor prescribed heavy doses of the vitamins for me. I should take them for three months and after he would check the blood again.
I also received very good news: I don't have Cancer!! I'm happy.
I also found out that I have a new small white lesion in my brain which wasn't there last year. The cycst in the left maxillary sinus still there, but didn't change which is very good.
I have also a small kidney stone on the left side and on the right ovarie 2,5 cm cyst.
I also have something with my lungs, but I don't understand what it is. I will just post it, and maybe somebody will know what it means.
"Focal peripheral interstitial changes are seen in the right lung base anteriorly with minimal scaring. There is no focal area of consolidation or pleural effusion." I have astma. It's realated to that? I don't know. I'm afraid because my father died at 54. of the lung cancer.
The doctor also gave me the enzymes for the pancreas. I can't eat fat because I will have an instant pain on the left side of my stomach. It looks like my pancreas isn't working.
My allergologist send the report to my doctor from skin tests: "Imediate reaction to skin test was negative; however, there was a delayed reaction to wheat which lasted for over 24 hours. Considering the positive biopsy report and a delayed reaction to wheat, it is likely that the patient does have celiac disease." I also tested positive for the milk allergy.
And one last thing: I posted early that I'm always having the feeling that I will faint any second, that I'm very weak, dizzy and that I'm having black outs when I will change the positions. I thougt that it was realited to widrawal from the gluten. I was wrong. I have something wrong with my heart. I need to see cardiologist. I need tests: ECHO, 24 Hr Holter ( I will have some device attached to my heart for 24 hours)and stress test. I'm just 34, and I have many health issues. Wow!! :blink: :blink: :blink:
It's finaly means that I have celiac disease, even if my blood work , genetic ( I have only half of the DQ2- DQA*05) and regular screaning for celiac dissease, came back negative? I tested possitive for celiac disease on the biopsy (Marshl) and on the skin test for the wheat allergy, but my two gastroenterologist told me that I don't have it, and I should try to eat everything. :huh: They also look at me like I came from the other planet. Many of us are having the same responds over and over. What is wrong with the world that nobody wants to listen to us?

Hi Simon,

Until your doctors tell you have something to worry about with your lungs, don't panic. I have scar tissue on my lungs as well. I was told the scar tissue was likely resulted from Bronchial Asthma, and pneumonia as a baby. I am 56 this year. The doctors will continue to monitor. I was told I can't have NSAIDs because of the bronchial asthma, because they will cause further damage to the lungs.

I was told to follow the Celiac diet for the rest of my life. My test results was low Celiac. The Gluten challenge landed me in the hospital 3 times. Dr. gave me note saying that I am to follow the Celiac diet. I have other autoimmune diseases, so what is one more.

Take care

In Topic: Any Celiac(s) From Canada

02 August 2010 - 10:18 AM

I still am not sure, for sure if I am celiac.... Going glutten free (or relatively) has allowed me to get off the drugs, ... I am back on the diet now,(just started a few days ago) and want to insist to my doctor that I get a proper diagnosis. Long story.... I need some support here. Just to stick to the diet, and re-think 20 years of psychobabble.

If your feeling better off gluten, why go back on it. My doctor gave a note stating I must follow the Celiac, diet, for rest of my life. For many years I was following the Gluten free diet (at the time about 50%), and my labs showed low celiac, most doctors would not have gave a positive diagnosis. Also I was told to do a gluten challenge, which landed me in the hospital 3 times during the challenge, this was enough, with the low celiac lab to get my doctor's note.

I am learning to cook gluten free. I don't have regular flour in my home.

My severe sleep apnea, has improved greatly. Now I am mild sleep apnea. I have other health issue some have improved - others worsening. They say once you have one autoimmune, others will following. I am hoping the statement is wrong - the way my health is going I don't think so.

Hope your feeling better


In Topic: Canadian Testing?

18 July 2010 - 04:36 PM

I am new to the gluten-free world. I was diagnosed with IBS but my doctor thought it was a possibility that gluten was an irritator.
I went off gluten to try it and feel much better - almost all of my ibs symptoms are gone, unless I inadvertently eat something with hidden gluten.
I would like to get tested and have a true diagnosis but I am confused about what is available in Canada. My doc has indicated that a biopsy is the only way? This seems a bit extreme to me especially when it seems there is so much more available in the US. Any Canadians out there that can help me? I would like to go into my next appt informed.

I live in Ontario, had to pay for some of the blood test. The biopsy is not a 100% accurate, and sometime a number of biopsy have to be run. I was following low gluten diet for years. When the blood work was ran, I was showing low Celiac. For a month before the biopsy, I was to eat as much gluten as possible (like a hundred times more than I as eating). I landed in the hospital three times, I honestly thought I was dying. The biopsy showed, I have diverticulum, hiatus(sp) hernia, and severe GERDs with inflamation. My doctor ordered because of the results to follow the celiac diet. This note I sent into the government. Since following the Celiac diet, my supposed IBS symptoms have vastly improved. My severe obstucted sleep apnea, is now down into the mild-moderate range (biggest improvement). It has been suggested that possible thyroid problems, porphyria, may have resulted in me having Celiac disease.


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