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In Topic: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Corn Free, Potato Free

02 March 2008 - 10:39 PM

Hi. I donít like joining a board and starting a topic right away, but I have been strolling around the site and havenít been able to find this type of topic.

My husband found out he had celiac the same time I found a host of intolerances. We have since found that between us, there really isnít much left. I can have wheat and he can have corn and potatoes, but none of my family can tolerate milk or soy. We have been altering classic recipes as best we can, but I have recently taken ill, and donít want to spend the extra mental or physical effort to make menus and changes to recipes and dinners. I have been able to find cook books and menu plans that incorporate one or two troubles, but I have yet to find one that provides more than a fist full of recipes for one meal with none of the restrictions.

Is any one aware of a menu or recipe book or site in support of we who can consume so little of the American diet? Even ď1000 things to make with chicken and riceĒ 

I have Celiac as well as many other intolerances too. I have found the best thing for me is to eat fresh fruits, veggies, and meats. We make lots of rice dishes too. As well as dinners like spaghetti squash spaghetti and homemade chili. I love the TV show "The Manic Organic." It is on Discovery Home channel, but I bet the host has a cookbook and other resources you could look up online. My husband and I eat organic as well, I have found avoiding toxins helps a great deal with my digestion. We have even gone as far as using natural cleaners and things too. Any way we can help our bodies be healthy, right! I am ill as well and do not have great stamina, so I create lists of meals I can have and what brands and ingredients they include. It seems obvious, but when you are trying to think of something to make for dinner it helps to have a list to glance at. We also make monthly meal plans ahead of time and I have started compliling my own cookbook with recipes we alter to our needs and print from the computer. It can be a lot of work at first, but if you create a file by meal, it is so worth it in the end. And the same meal plans can be reused year after year. It is also so nice to have a master grocery list of foods I can have, I give it to my husband when he can't remember what brands and such. I also have been recently researching Thai and Jewish recipes. Thai cooking uses lots of new flavors and dairy free alternatives like coconut milk which is great for sauteeing. Another great show is "A Lyon in the Kitchen." The host makes lots of alternative dishes for heathy living. I am sure he has a book too, and there are many recipes online for both. Good Luck!

In Topic: Popcorn And Gluten?

07 February 2008 - 10:25 PM

I was having problems with popcorn, I even was making my own from organic kernals and sea salt! My doctor said that popped corn is tough on the gut to digest. I haven't had problems with any other corn products though.

In Topic: Gluten Has Now Affected My Marriage

07 February 2008 - 10:21 PM

The proof is in the pudding after all (as long as its gluten-free!)

That is so cute! Lol I love it, made me smile! :rolleyes:

In Topic: Gluten Has Now Affected My Marriage

07 February 2008 - 12:19 PM

Well, it sounds like you have heard from everyone older than you, lets try someone younger too! :) My husband and I were married July 21st of 2007, one week after the wedding my husband lost his job, the following week I was diagnosed with Celiac. Oh boy! It was pretty tough that fall. Everyone I came across resisted the gluten free diet and couldn't believe it. At one point my husband even said, "nope, we aren't doing it, we can't afford it." Obviously he was in shock. But, after watching me slowly get better and improve on the diet he came around. Now, he was stuck in his ways, just coming out of bachelorhood, he was freaking out contemplating the cost of tossing out the majority of are groceries, and afraid of the fact that after all of that I still may not get better. However, after family and friends began pitching in, helping with groceries, etc. it didn't seem so bad. We definently bickered a great deal at first, it seemed he had to pick a battle over every new gluten product that had to go, stand his ground and then surrender. After almost six months now, our entire house is gluten free and dairy free. I now make dinners every night, instead of him, and I teach him to cook recipies he likes. Now, he is very protective of me when it comes to gluten and wouldn't dare bring something into the house that could make me sick. He is much happier with a healthier wife. He still becomes frustrated now and then and says things he doesn't mean and rants about stuff he can't change, but I think some of it is necesary. He mourns the loss of some of his favorite junk and accepts change gradually. There are set backs too, sometimes I will get sick for no apparent reason and it can be frustrating for us after all we have done. But, we work together now, he comes to the doctor's appointments and learns about Celiac and our diet. I think that it is very important for you to stand up for yourself and express yoour feelings. But, I can also see how this change is difficult on your wife. If it is anything like Chris and I, I had tons of support from friends, family, online, support groups, doctors, etc. I always had someone to talk to. But, he felt like he had no one, because he felt selfish expressing his frustrations to me and he wasn't receiving the support I was, because he wasn't the "sick one." I have since learned to let him vent, and I know that just because he is frustrated it doesn't mean he loves me any less. While, it is just food, it is a BIG thing! Americans whole lives revolve around it! It can be hard to change sometimes. Good Luck!

In Topic: Gfcf Cake! Help!

07 February 2008 - 11:41 AM

I usually buy canned beets and use a small amount of the liquid in the cake batter or icing. (I usually make yellow cakes and then color with icing instead.) I got the best color by buying fresh beets and juicing it myself, but it was a lot of work and mess to dig up my juicer just for that!

Lol, I see, well thank you! I think the canned would be easiest too! :)

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