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Member Since 05 Feb 2008
Offline Last Active Feb 25 2008 05:19 AM

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In Topic: How It Works

06 February 2008 - 06:47 AM

wow, its really interesting to read all of the things you guys say. All the things affected by gluten. Because I know I always considered myself lazy because all I ever wanted to do was sleep.... but also have insomnia. I still have insomnia and I'm still tired all the time but not quite as bad. i did notice that the last two days I've been really in the mood to get up and get out which is not usual for me. I still have insomnia though. anyway, i'm just really excited I figured out whats wrong. And I know it will be easy to stick to the diet at home... but now I'm afraid to go to a restaurant because I don't want to undo my progress.

In Topic: How It Works

05 February 2008 - 11:06 PM

thanks! I better understand now :) So, I probably would have an intolerance and not celiac disease since I noticed improvement right away?

In Topic: Just To Say 'hello' To Any Celiacs In Or Around Paris!

05 February 2008 - 03:55 PM

Hello Paris people.. I also live in Paris.

I have found Naturalia and Bio Generation to have some gluten free products. I just recently figured out that i have a gluten intolerance, so I am not very skilled at the diet yet.

In Topic: Sandwiches

05 February 2008 - 02:14 PM

Thanks everyone!

Yeah, the French eat more sandwiches I think than anyone on the planet, but they are on baguettes.. I did see some gluten free baguettes that I think you bring home and bake but I haven't tried them yet. I may do that this week.. :) its soooo expensive though!

The sandwich bread you buy in the store, the ones that are called "American sandwich bread"... the slices are HUGE, like twice the size of our bread. Which makes it really weird to see it next to the tiny little ones in the gluten free section.

I will def. try the Grainless Baker... is that in the regular supermarket, or is that in say Trader Joe's and Whole Foods?

I'll also try toasting the bread and see what happens! I don't have a toaster here.. so I'll be good with the broiler setting. :-)

And.. that is the most beautiful cat ever!

anway, thanks guys! :D

In Topic: Calling All Celiac Or Gluten Intolerant Vegetarians!calling All Celiac Or...

05 February 2008 - 07:42 AM

ok. I'm in France, but I just filled out their contact us form on their website.. I also posted a message about this on a vegetarian website asking people to do it too! I mentioned the sausage patties and asked for more products to be gluten free.

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