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Member Since 31 Dec 2003
Offline Last Active Dec 04 2012 07:44 PM

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In Topic: Cookies

03 December 2012 - 07:49 PM

Yes! use a different cookie sheet that is only for gluten free! And make sure eveything else she bakes with and uses to touch your food is throughly cleaned before she starts with the gluten-free stuff

In Topic: Christmas Parties

03 December 2012 - 06:55 PM

Always bring something, be it something you bring just for yourself or something to share with everyone. I would agree-eating a big dinner beforehand is always a good idae to make sure you aren't hungry at the start of the event, but have fun and don't worry about the food if you don't have to-make sure you have options and a most time fruit and veggies can be safe and those are usually staples at parties, just be careful about the dip (I would advise against using it).

In Topic: The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

03 December 2012 - 06:45 PM

Yes, celiac3270 and I both live in Boston now, but he's finishing up his first semester of senior year at Harvard, so he's been working a lot so we haven't had time to hang out, but still keep in touch and will see each other soon! Yes I graduated, degree in chemistry (I don't really know how I did it), I'm taking some time off enjoying life before applying to medical and PHD schools for graduate work, so hopefully starting one of those in the next few years!

In Topic: Fading Fast. And I'm Just Getting Started :(

03 December 2012 - 06:43 PM

From the middle of my Freshmen year of high school to almost the end of my Senior year of high school I was corn free (along with gluten free--have been since I was 2 yrs old), corn is MUCH harder to cut out than gluten, but it can be done. I would suggest doing the corn and gluten free thing for a while, then slowly start trying small amounts of corn (for me it was non-processed corn on the cob that I had for a while before being able to eat any sort of processed corn products). The big problem with corn is HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and other corn syrups that are in most processed foods. I would suggest doing meats, veggies, rice, potatoes, beans, fruits etc. for the time being, it's going to be a lot of cooking but it'll give your intestines time to heal before you start introducing more of the processed foods that could be causing you problems.
Good Luck!

In Topic: The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

03 December 2012 - 06:25 PM

How is everyone doing?

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