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Member Since 20 Feb 2008
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In Topic: The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

21 June 2013 - 06:08 PM

How are the Udi crusts? They have those at Weggies too.


The Udi's crusts are good. They're a thin crust. We found that the crusts came out under cooked when following the package guidelines so we cook them at 450.

In Topic: The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

18 June 2013 - 08:34 AM

The stove was given it's death notice at 12:17pm DST. We're off this afternoon to look at new ones. We now have one Harvest Gold Appliance left that we'll not talk about.

In Topic: The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

22 March 2013 - 08:02 AM

Good Riddance Harold. 


Lisa take care of yourself. Psillies having pneumonia is not good.

In Topic: The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

19 December 2012 - 06:40 AM

Jack-e if you are still hanging in yhe sillies -- very sorry for your loss too. Peter shared the wonderful service your Dad planned -- must have been one special man.

He was a good Dad. He taught us a love of reading which is something we'll always have as a reminder of him. He also taught me how to be financially responsible and he gave my brother an unbeknownst lead in to one of the best lines ever.

And here is the story that goes with the line: When we were younger my parents would rent a cottage for 2-3 weeks in Hastings. The cottage was very basic. Electricity but no running water or heat. If we needed water we went down to the Trent River to get some or the well for drinking water. If you needed heat late in the evenings you used the wood stove. One year we forgot flashlights. We needed river water and it was after sunset. My mom asked someone to get some and Dad said he'd get it cause he knew the layout of the docks and such. Time passed and Dad came back up to the back door and asked my Mom to open the door and put some papers down on the floor. Mom asked 'What happened'. Dad replied 'I walked into the river'. Nobody said a word except my brother. My brother being who he is and was said 'What did you do Dad forget your Jesus Boots' It still something I can vividly see and hear after 35+years.


... . .Hmmm...those look rather like POeter's balls....

My lips are sealed on that one :D

In Topic: The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

18 December 2012 - 07:19 PM

Got busy with the Christmas baking today. This is the first time in years that I've actually had the time to make more than Shortbread. Today I did Shortbread and Chocolate BALLS

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