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Member Since 26 Jun 2004
Offline Last Active Oct 20 2005 02:29 AM

Topics I've Started

It Wasn't Celiac

19 October 2005 - 03:17 AM

Things kept going so badly for me after being gluten free.I got sicker and had blood in my stool with severe cramping and mucousy diarreah(sp).I went to another doctor in another town.He set me up for all kinds of blood work and procedures.Got the results back Monday.NO celiac!He showed me the pictures of a normal stomach and intestenal lining---mine.No damage except a few erosions from acid.Got to get off the colas and ibuprofen.I really should have thought of the ibuprofen because it makes me bruise externally very bad.To all of you who do have celiac my heart goes out to you.
Oh yeah,the first dr showed me no test results,no pics.He never sat down and talked to me or asked questions.The only thing I have to worry about now is the tumor on my thyroid.

Different Flours

22 September 2005 - 02:26 PM

I am using rice flour for my breakfast breads.I want to know if you absolutely have to use rice flour or can you use another flour in its place.For instance,if a recipe calls for x amount of rice flour and x amount of tapioca flour,can I use a different flour in place of the rice flour?I just cannot get accustomed to the "sandy" feel of rice flour.Are there any recipes for bread that do not call for rice flour?


10 September 2005 - 07:10 AM

I have a question.I posted a topic in "pre-diagnosis etc",but it is not on the board.What happened to it?I did a search and found that I had posted it there,but where is it?The title was "can you".

Can You Have

09 September 2005 - 05:59 PM

Can you have acid reflux AND celiac?For 2 years I was treated for acid reflux,took the medication and did fine.Then my dr.movedand I had to get another one.This guy wants everybody to go to some specialist or another.So I went to a digestive specialist.Now they won't give me the medication I was taking then.I am gluten free,but I still have the full bloated feeling and I upchuck just a little.I feel like I have been glutened but that is the way I felt before they gave me the medication for acid reflux.Can some one understand what I am trying to say and help me?

I Hate This

08 September 2005 - 03:30 PM

I'm gluten free and STILL bloated and feel crappy.I will be so glad when I can feel good again.I'm not really sick,just feel as big as a blimp and stomach feels weird.I am so careful to not eat gluten yet I still feel like I have.Does anyone else feel this way?Sometimes I think if I am going to feel this way,I might as well eat the foods I want so badly.

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