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Canadian Karen

Member Since 30 Jun 2004
Offline Last Active Jan 06 2015 09:39 PM

#801907 The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

Posted by on 08 June 2012 - 09:35 PM

Did I hear someone summon the Goddess of Altoids? :P
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#228468 Brain Cancer

Posted by on 02 November 2006 - 06:24 PM

The principal at my husband's school had brain cancer about three years ago. She had the surgery, was off for 1/2 year, and then back stronger than ever! She's still the principal there........ no signs of recurrence...

Prayer being said here too........

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#95324 Bailey's Irish Cream

Posted by on 24 January 2006 - 06:30 PM

I don't think that it is gluten free.

Alcoholic beverages that are gluten free:

Alcoholic Beverages
NOTE:A lot of products may also be listed by "type" i.e. Wines, Vodkas, etc.

Almaden Wines (000.000.0000) (vw=05/30/02) (www.almaden.com/faqs/FAQ.htm)

Alpine Spiced Cider (Continental Mills) (800.457.7744) (vp=09/05/02)
Drink Mixes

Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Blenders (Arbor Mist) (1-800-836-9463 x 35700) (Consumer.affairs@cwine.com) (ve=05-20-2003)
All are gluten free.

Armagnac (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)

Bacardi (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)
All rums

Bargetto Wines (Bargetto) (800- 4-BARGETTO) (http://www.bargetto.com) (ve=05/19/2004)
All varieties

Bartles & Jaymes (E&J Gallo) (www.bartlesandjames.com) (ve=03/26/04)
Wine Based Coolers NOTE: Bartles & Jaymes MALT-Base Coolers contain gluten

Boone’s & Boone’s Farm Coolers (E&J Gallo) (209-341-3111) (ve=03/26/04)
Wine Based Products are gluten-free. NOTE: Some are MALT Based beverages and contain gluten

Brandy (00/00/00)
Calvados, Grand Marnier, AVOID VSOP!

Bushmill's (bushmills@qualitycustomercare.com) (ve=01/09/2004)
ALL whiskies including Malt whiskeys are gluten-free. This is a very smooth Irish whiskey, all products triple distilled, says manufacturer

Campari (000.000.0000) (ve=05/30/02)

Captain Morgan (000.000.0000) (ve=06/04/02) (www.rum.com)
Original Spiced Rum; Silver Spiced Rum; Parrot Bay; Private Stock

Champagne (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)

Chaucer's Mead (Bargetto) (800- 4-BARGETTO) (http://www.bargetto.com) (ve=05/19/2004)
Regular, Raspberry, Olallieberry

Cider (00/00/00)
Hornsby (NOT Draft Cider),
Wyder’s Ciders (Wyder’s) – (ve=05-20-2003) .
The Pear and Raspberry Ciders DO contain gluten. The Peach and Apple Ciders, however, contain no gluten.

Ciders (00/00/00)
Woodchuck, Cider Jack, Woodpecker, Strongbow (all made from fermented apples and made with gluten-free ingredients)

Cognac (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)

Corbett Canyon Wines (The Wine Group) (209.599.4111) (00/00/00)
All varieties

Coastal Cellars (Bargetto) (800- 4-BARGETTO) (http://www.bargetto.com) (ve=05/19/2004)
All varieties

Crown Royal products (ve=2-5-03)
from the company: “Please be advised that Crown Royal products, which have been distilled, do not contain glutens or gluten residues. However, as this relates to a medical condition, may we suggest you consult your own physician concerning the consumption of alcohol beverage products?”

Cruzan (Todhunter Imports) (www.cruzanrum.com) (ve=2-21-03)
All Rums including flavored onesare gluten-free.

DeKuyper (www.DeKuyper.com) (ve=9-23-04)
Our cordials are made with distilled spirits that are primarily made from a corn base. They may also from time to time, contain small amounts of small grains such as wheat or rye. It is known that Gluten can be found in the small grains such as rye, barley, oats, etc. However, it is generally accepted that the process of distillation excludes gluten in the finished product.

Diageo (800.767.3123) (from the ListServ 07/14/02)
"After calling customer service at 800 767-3123, I received the following list from Diageo on its gluten-free brands

Gordons Citrus
Gordons Wildberry

T.G.I. Friday's On The Rocks
• Censored on the Beach
• Long Island Ice Tea
• Margarita
• Mudslide
• Pina Colada
• Strawberry Daiquiri
• White Russian
The Club Cocktails
• Brass Monkey
• Censored on the Beach
• Gin Martini
• Long Island Ice Tea
• Manhattan
• Margarita
• Mudslide
• Pina Colada
• Screwdriver
• Tom Collins
• Vodka Martini
• Whiskey Sour
Jose Curevo Blenders
• Authentic Margarita Mix
• Lime Margarita Mix
• Strawberry Margarita Mix
T.G.I. Friday's Blenders
• Amaretto Mudslide
• Margarita
• Mudslide
• Orange Dream
• Pina Colada
• Strawberry Shortcake
• Raspberry Chiller
• Vanilla Caramel Swirl

Black Haus Blackberry Schnapps
Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps
Appleton Estate V/X
Appleton Estate 12 Year
Appleton Estate 21 Year
Appleton Special
Malibu Caribbean Rum

Cuervo 1800 Reposada
Cuervo 1800 Añejo
Cuervo 1800 Coleccion
Cuervo 1800 Single Barrel
Jose Cuervo Especial
Jose Cuervo Tradicional
Reserva de la Familia de Jose Cuervo

Smirnoff Black
Smirnoff Citrus Twist
Smirnoff Orange Twist
Smirnoff Raspberry Twist
Smirnoff Vanilla Twist

• Beaulieu Vineyard
• Blossom Hill Winery
• Glen Ellen
• M. G. Vallejo
• Casa Lapostolle
• Cuvee Alexander
• Chateau De Sancerre
• Piat D’Or
• Ruffino

Diasronno Originale (Imported by Bacardi from Italy) (http://www.diasronno.com) (ve=06/24/03)

E. & J. Gallo Winery, of Modesto, California (Comsumerrealtions@carlorossi.com)(ve=04-12-2004)
All of the wines and champagnes are completely free of gluten or any gluten by-products

Gin (00/00/00)
Club Gin & Tonic, Cocktails for Two Gin Martini, Hublein Gin Martini, Milshire Gin 80%, Popov Gin 80%. Look for Korn (a German Potato Gin)

Hornsby (E&J Gallo) (209-341-3111) (ve=03/26/04)
None are considered gluten-free

Irish Mist (000-000-0000) (ve=04/30/04)

Jack Daniels (www.jackdaniels.com) (ve=01/09/2004)
Jack Daniel's Black Label Tennessee Whiskey has absolutely no carbohydrates (sugar or starch), gluten, fats or cholesterol, as these are removed during the distilling process.

Madeira (www.premiumport.com) (00/00/00)
If from the Portuguese island of Madeira it is gluten-free because of the regulations with making Madeira in that country - otherwise check with the manufacturer

Margarita Mix (00/00/00)
Jose Cuervo; Mr. & Mrs. T

Marinade & Smooth & Spicy Bloody Mary Mixes; Mr. & Mrs. T (EXCEPT Bloody Mary Mix) (00/00/00)

Martini (00/00/00)
Club Extra Dry martini, Club Vodka Martini

Mead (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)
Distilled from honey and is usually gluten-free

Mistico (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)
Jose Cuervo Mistico (agave & cane)

Mixes (00/00/00)
Club Tom Collins (corn), Diamond Jim's Bloody Mary Mystery, Holland House (EXCEPT Teriyaki

Motts (Motts Cadbury Schwepps) (800-426-4891) (http://www.mottsinteractive.com) (vp=06/19/03)
Motts Cooking Wines (all varieties)

Ouzo (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)
A clear, aromatic alcohol distilled from grapes and flavored with aniseed (anise). Anise belongs to the parsley family and has a licorice-like flavor. Anise is one of the earliest aromatic plants to be mentioned in history and originates in the Mediteranian.

Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Cocktail Mix (Franco's Cocktail Mixes) (800-782-4508) (www.francoscocktailmixes.com) (vp=9-24-03)
The modified starches they use are sourced from the USA and are corn based but they do not manufacture those ingredients themselves so cannot guarantee that they are totally gluten free. None of the natural flavors are from wheat, rye, barley or oats

Port (www.premiumport.com) (00/00/00)
If from Portugal it is gluten-free because of the regulations with making Port in that country - otherwise check with the manufacturer

Ramapo Valley Brewery gluten-free beer (vp= 11-03) (845-369-7827).

Remy Martin Congnac (ve=1-27=03) (www.remy-cointreau.com)
Remy Martin Congnac products are all grain free/gluten free.

Rose's Natural Infusions Cocktail Mixes, Rose's Brand (they also bring you Rose's Lime Juice and are part of the Motts/Cadbury/Schweppes Group)
1-800-696-5891 www.rosesinfusions.com (vp & ve 08/20/2004)

Rum (00/00/00)
Rum is distilled from sugar cane. Light rums should be free of gluten; however, the heavier spiced rums may contain gluten. If you prefer spiced rums please contact the company to make sure that any spices used are gluten-free. Otherwise it is safest to trust only white rums.

Sake (00/00/00)
May contain gluten from barley enzyme from some of the ingredients used during processing.

Sam Adams (http://www.bostonbeer.com) (ve=07/30/03)
Sam Adams Hard Core Cider

Sherry (00/00/00)
Some use grains. Gallo Cocktail pale dry sherry of California

SKYY Spirits (000.000.0000) (ve=05/30/02)
SKYY Vodka and SKYY Citrus Vodka

Smirnoff Ice (diageo brands) (www.diageo.com) (02/02/05)
USA: Smirnoff Ice (any variety) is a malted beverage and NOT gluten-free.
CANADA, Smirnoff Ice (all varieties) is made with distilled vodka and is gluten-free

SOGONO DI SORRENTO LEMONCELLO (Cive Importing Co., Boston, MA) – liquor (617-227-3193) (ve=03-13-2003). Alcohol used in production is made from beets.

Sutter Home wines (Trinchero Family Estates) (ve=11/12/03)
All our wines are gluten free.

Taylor Marsala Wine (800-487-3417) (vp-3-3-05)
We DO NOT put any gluten in our wines, however, since we do not TEST for gluten, we can not say that it is gluten free!

Tequila (00/00/00)
El Tosoro, Herradura, Jose Cuervo Traditional & White, Matador White, Sauza Commeritivo, Sauza

Tito's Vodka (http://www.titos-vodka.com/ ) v? 9-23-04)
Made from 100% corn and the product is distilled 6 times.

Tres Generationes (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)
Beware of dark Tequila using caramel food color

Vodkas (00/00/00)
Bellevedere (one from potato - not from rye); Black Death (beet); Bushman's (Australia) (100% cane); Chopin (potato); Hamptons Vodka (made in USA is made from corn -- 877-937-5951); Jinro Soju (a Korean vodka made entirely from sweet potatoes); Kamchatka Vodka 80% (California only - corn); Luksusowa (from potato); Glacier Teton Vodka (made with 100% Idaho potatoes); Milshire Gin 80 proof; Monopolowa (Potato); Popov Citrus & Tangerine; Relsk Vodka 80% (corn); Popov 80%; Smirnoff 80% & 100%; Smirnoff Silver 90.4%; Smirnoff Vodka 80% (corn); Smirnoff Citrus Twist 70%; also see Zodiac.

Tito's Vodka (http://www.titos-vodka.com/ ) v? 9-23-04)
Made from 100% corn and the product is distilled 6 times.

Williams Sonoma apple martini mixer and lemon drop mixer (www.williamssonoma) (Feedback@williams-sonoma.com) (ve=3-31-05)
The 4830808 Lemon Drop Mix and 6124119 WS Cktl Mix Apltni. These items do not contain gluten.

Wine and Wine Coolers (00/00/00)
Most are gluten-free: Soleo Wine Cooler; E&J Brandies (the cask and cream liquor) , Also see individual listings

Zodiac Vodka (000.000.0000) (vp=05/30/02) (www.zodiacvodka.com)

I see Irish Mist on the list as gluten free, but not Baileys. I have tried Irish Mist before, it's pretty good, but not as good as Bailey's......

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#93864 Spaghetti Sauce

Posted by on 20 January 2006 - 05:06 PM

From Delphi:

Annie's (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)
Natural Pasta Magic Sauces: Vermont Cheddar Cheese (Also No added Sweetener); Roasted Veggie (Also Dairy-free, Vegan, No added Sweetener)

Amy's Kitchen (000.000.0000) (01/02)
Tomato Basil Sauce; Family Marinara Pasta Sauce; Garlic Mushroom Pasta Sauce; Puttanesca Pasta Sauce

Barilla (800-9-BARILLA) (00/00/00)
Pasta Sauces

Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes (Murry Farms) (530-899-2661) (vp=04/29/2004).
They are gluten-free,along with everything they make with the exceptionof their meat marinades. These are sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and herbs.

Boboli Pizza Sauce (vp=04/13/04).
Gluten and Casein Free.

California (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)
Sun Dried Tomato Products

Cheese Creations (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)
Sauces (all varieties)

Chicken Tonight (800.328.7248) (00/00/00)
Cooking Sauces: NOTE Cream of Mushroom might NOT be gluten-free (January 2001 someone reported this to me. I have a call out to the manufacturer on all flavors. They don't have a gluten-free list, per se. They have a difficult time knowing what is gluten-free and what is not.)

Classico (Heinz) (800-255-5750) (www.heinz.com) (ve 9/23/2004)
Classico Pasta Sauce (all red and white sauces) and all varieties Classico Pesto Spread & Sauce are gluten free (

Classico (Heinz) (800-255-5750) (www.heinz.com) (ve=03/24/04)
All varieties Classico and Classico Creations

Contadina (888.668.2847) (consumeraffairs@delmonte.com) (ve=11/6/03)
"Gluten will be found only in Contadina Italian Tomato Paste with Italian Seasonings and of course, the Contadina Bread crumbs. All other Contadina products are gluten free."

Del Monte (800-543-3090) (http://www.delmonte.com) (vp=10/16/2003)
All tomatoes and tomato products except Spaghetti Sauce Flavored with Meat.

Five Brothers (000.000.0000) (02/03/00)
Pasta Sauce (Double check.....Roasted Garlic and Onion NOT gluten-free, formerly all varieties were. Check these before using.)

Francesco Rinaldi (LiDestri Foods) (www.francescorinaldi.com) (585-377-8150) (vm=02/04/05)
SAUCES: Meat , Mushroom, Traditional , Marinara, Tomato & Sweet Basil, Ultra Dolce Sweet & Tasty, Garden Combo, Tomato/Garlic/Onion, Super Mushroom, No-Salt
SALSAS: Mama Cozzi (vinegar), Casa Mamita
Company states that these products are not soy or casein free.

Frutti Di Bosco Pasta Sauces (Frutti Di Bosco) – (ve=05-21-2003)
Organic Puttanesca, Organic Marinara, Organic Chanterelle, Organic Truffle Porcini

Hanover Foods www.hanoverfoods.com (ve=0 1/12/2004)
Tomato Puree, Tomato Sauce, Tomato Juice, Superfine Tomatoes w/Okra

Heathy Choice (000.000.0000) (00/00/00)
Pasta Sauces (all varieties) (gluten-free, soy-free)

Hunts (ConAgra) (800.858.6372) (vp=01/02/2004)
All canned tomato products EXCEPT Diced Tomatoes w/Green Chiles. All pasta sauces EXCEPT: Original with Meat, Classic Italian Four Cheese, and Classic Italian Flavored with Italian Sausage. Hunts will list wheat, oats, rye, and barley.

Hunts Pasta Sauces (ConAgra) (800.858.6372) (vp=01/02/2004)
All pasta sauces EXCEPT: Original with Meat, Classic Italian Four Cheese, and Classic Italian Flavored with Italian Sausage. Hunts will list wheat, oats, rye, and barley.

Hunts (in Canada) (ConAgra) (ve=1-29-03 list dated 3-13-02)
All tomato products (pastes, pasta sauces, tomatoes, tomato sauces, etc.

McCormick's (800.632.5847) (00/00/00)
Thick and Zesty Spaghetti Sauce

Newman's Own (ve=5/19/04)
§ Say Cheese
§ Garlic and Peppers
§ Tomato and Roasted Garlic
§ Vodka Sauce
§ Pesto and Tomato
§ Marinara (Venetian)
§ Marinara with Mushrooms
§ Sockarooni (Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers)
§ Bombolina (Basil)
§ Diavolo (Spicy Simmer Sauce)

Pizza Quick (000.000.0000) (ve=07/03/02)
Source of Modified Food Starch is corn).
NOTE: As of July 2002, company will no longer confirm or deny their products to be gluten-free due to frequent ingredient changes and cross contamination possibilities.

Prego (Campbells) (vs=12-18-03)
GLUTEN?FREE PRODUCTS “Because we are constantly improving our recipes, please check the ingredient statement on the label of any product. We will make every effort?to keep this list up?to date, but some products made without gluten may not be included.”
PREGO PASTA SAUCE - Traditional Sauce (all sizes), Three Cheese Sauce 26 oz., Mushroom 4 lb 3 oz.
PREGO PASTA BAKES SAUCE - Hearty Meat Sauce 27.75 oz., 3 Cheese Marinara 27.75 oz., Tomato, Garlic & Basil 27.75 oz.

Ragu light Parmesan Alfredo (Unilever Bestfoods) (800-328-7248) (vp=9/5/03)
gluten-free. If gluten or wheat is in the ingredients it would be listed. They don't hide ingredients.

Ragu (000.000.0000) (ve=07/03/02)
Source of Modified Food Starch is corn).
NOTE: As of July 2002, Ragu will no longer confirm or deny their products to be gluten-free due to frequent ingredient changes. They said their labels will be clearly marked. Old World Style Sauce is gluten-free.

Red Gold Tomato Products (877.748.9796) (ve=06/01/02) (www.redgold.com/index.html)
All products gluten-free. Corn gluten would be the only gluten present in the products produced by Red Gold.

Ro-Tel (000.000.0000) (07/98)
Tomatoes & Green Chilies

S&W Fine Foods (ve=11/01/02) (000.000.0000) (www.swfinefoods.com)
Canned Tomato products

Seeds of Change Pasta Sauce (Seeds of Change) (ve=04-26-2003)
Balsamic, Olive and Onion Pasta Sauce; Garden Vegetable Pasta Sauce; Mushroom and Onion Pasta Sauce; Roasted Garlic and Onion Pasta Sauce; Santa Fe Style Pasta Sauce; Three Cheese Marinara Pasta Sauce; Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce; and Traditional Herb Spaghetti Sauce.

Walnut Acres Pasta Sauces (Hain Celestial Group) (1-800-434-4246) (vp=9/14/04)
Read the label. All products manufactured by the Hain Celestial Group will clearly list any gluten-containing
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#60560 Tums

Posted by on 27 August 2005 - 05:50 AM

Maalox is NOT gluten free. It is off limits to us.....


Rolaids (Pfizer) (vp=9-16-04)
Rolaids Soft chews in vanilla and wild cherry are NOT gluten-free. All other Rolaids products are gluten-free, including the Zantac 75,

however they do NOT guarantee that there is not cross contamination with their products

That is as per the delphi list.

I use Rolaids without any problems. I think the "do not guarantee" is just one of those "covering their butts" disclaimer......

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