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In Topic: Rice Dream New Label "gluten Free"

26 February 2013 - 11:02 AM

I emailed the company to see if they would like to set the record straight. I have heard they don't use the barley anymore. Stephanie's link is the first current " real" info I have seen. The rest are rumors or people's experiences which may be gluten or may be something else.

I agree with a1956chill, if it bothers you, don't use it.


So, another year has gone by... did you ever get a response?


I'd be interested in knowing whether they're continuing this practice of including a barley-derived ingredient in their products which are labeled "gluten free."


Even though the resulting product has a low level of gluten that most people probably won't notice a reaction to, I still feel that it's dishonest marketing not to fully disclose the ingredients on the label so people can make an informed choice. 

In Topic: Does Anyone Else Have Issues With Trader Joe's Labeling?

19 February 2013 - 10:17 PM

I'm more comfortable buying TJ's stuff than things made from random companies where I don't know what their manufacturing practices are like. At least I know TJ's has policies in place requiring their manufacturers to use safe allergen-handling practices. Of course there's no way to know how well those policies are actually applied.


I figure every time I buy a prepared food from a company that doesn't exclusively specialize in gluten-free foods, I'm taking a risk. 


I buy TJ's stuff occasionally, but I wouldn't make their prepared foods (or any prepared foods) a part of my daily diet. I've heard cases of people getting sick from it, but most of my Celiac friends do fine. Same with Amy's brand gluten free things. They're made in shared facilities and often on shared equipment and there's a risk that someone didn't clean things well enough one day and that's a risk you have to live with if you buy prepared foods.


And the Applegate recall really gave me pause about buying prepared foods from companies that make gluten-containing foods. 


The safest thing is to learn to eat basic fresh foods. To the extent that I can keep my own laying hens and plant my own garden that makes my food chain even more secure; I only wish I could do more. I'm going to try planting buckwheat this year, though. 

In Topic: Gluten Free Disney?

19 February 2013 - 08:58 PM

Last time we went to Disney, my younger son decided the night before we went that he was "never eating gluten again." Our home had  already been gluten free for a couple of years, and he was starting to suspect he had an intolerance and it was confirmed the first couple days of our vacation when he was out eating "normal" food.  He was really depressed about spending his first gluten-free day at Disney but it worked out great. We were able to get pizza and burgers and fries and stuff. He has been to Disney again since then, without me, and again had a great experience in terms of food.


We didn't really do much in terms of "homework." We were only there one day, though. I called ahead of time and they said that gluten-free was becoming such a common request that almost any restaurant would have something I could eat (at the time of course I didn't know my son would be eating gluten-free too). 

In Topic: Staying In Hotels

19 February 2013 - 08:48 PM

I don't think it's very common for there to be gluten in laundry detergent. Shampoo and soaps are another matter - I bring my own. 


I look for hotels with kitchens, or vacation condos. I am not comfortable eating out very much unless it's at a dedicated gluten-free restaurant. 


I bring a roll of tin foil and line any  baking sheets or whatnot before using. The first thing I do when I arrive is re-wash all the dishes and utensils. I don't use the toaster at all. If there are plastic or wooden utensils, I don't use those either. 

In Topic: Three Part Lasagna Pan

19 February 2013 - 11:00 AM

What a neat idea! I don't make lasagna because the kids hate ricotta. Yeah, I know. They're weird. With a pan like that I could totally just leave the ricotta out of one section. 


I would not put gluten noodles in any section, though. We keep our whole kitchen gluten free for the two of us who need to be gluten-free. Even if I lived with a mixed kitchen I certainly wouldn't do a mixed pan. But when my YDS was more or less dairy free I would have happily made him a goat cheese section. He wasn't real strict about his dairy intake anyway. 

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