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Tummy Aches And Diarrhea Help, It Can't Be Gluten

19 October 2013 - 02:37 PM

My daughter is 12 years old and has been gluten free since she was 6. She strictly follows her diet and with very few exceptions our household is gluten free. She's considered very sensitive but not super sensitive. The only thing she's ever had a problem with, other than gluten, has been pork products that are Publix brand (I have no clue why, but bacon, pork loin, etc make her sick). 


For the past week and a half, she has become sick with stomach cramping and some diarrhea nearly every day. I believe that I've read that people with celiac can develop other intolerances and I think this may be what is happening. 


She has always tolerated dairy and loves to drink milk. Can someone give me some tips on how to start an elimination diet? Do I start her on just rice morning, noon and night? Or just leave out one food group every few days? Or a food journal to look for patterns? What is the easiest and most efficient way to get to the problem?


Also, we have a family history of Crohn's. Should I take her to the doctor for more blood work? Thanks for any suggestions. :) 

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