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Member Since 30 Mar 2008
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In Topic: Continued Symptoms

10 July 2008 - 08:33 PM

Thanks very much for the advice and good thoughts.

In answer to the after 5 questions, I rarely have anything after work except dinner, and in most cases, it's something fairly simple and non-offensive. I'm still getting used to be being able to eat again, and since night was always my worst time, it's been a mental trial to push through and actually eat anything for dinner. I'm doing much better, but sure enough, all my bad symptoms start after 5.

Weird, isn't it?

In Topic: What To Do After Accidentally Eating Gluten?

10 July 2008 - 07:34 PM

For feeling better: I drink Yogi Tea Green tea Kombucha, with Yogi Tea being the brand. I put honey in it, and then I heat up a heating pad -- like for muscles -- and wrap it over my abdomen. That helps a lot.

The best thing you can do is know that it will be over soon, and ride it out. Watch TV or do something that passes the time, and use distractions as best you can.

Okay, for staying away from gluten: There's a couple things you should take a look at. You didn't give a lot of detail, so I apologize if I go over ground you already have. =)

First, make sure the products -- not just the food -- you are using are gluten free. Shampoos, soaps, lotions, make-up, even dishwash detergent. Your pans and toaster and breadboards are all replaced, right? Colanders, non-stick pans, things like that, should have been replaced right away -- not everyone needs to, but I tend to be super-sensitive, so I had to.

Then look at every aspect of your day. What about your chapstick? Lipstick? Are you prone to putting your fingers in or around your mouth, or chewing on pens? (if you are, stop that! I did both, and would get sick a lot more than I do-- er, did until recently.)

Do you have an SO? If so, is your So gluten free too? My husband had to go gluten-free because not only was he starting to show rash symptoms with gluten, but he'd cheat, then touch me or kiss me, and I'd get sick! If your family or SO is not gluten free and they get their gluteny fingers on you or your stuff, you could get sick if your fingers or those items go by your mouth.

I hope this helps at all!!

In Topic: Deciding Not To Pass The Gene?

07 July 2008 - 09:50 PM

Very enlightening, thank you. :)

I want to go on record to say that there's no pressure to be had in any direction; it was just an element to a couple conversations that I figured I'd ask here about. Being the first in my family to be diagnosed (or even suspected, for that matter), I don't have the knowledge to draw on from close members of my family, so you're all it. ;)

In Topic: Im New And Need Help For My Son..

07 July 2008 - 06:24 AM

Because it's something I want very much for myself, and he IS turning 18 ( ;) ), I would recommend getting him an iPod or equivalent for your cell company.

Aside from the sheer awesome of it, it'll be extremely helpful: he can keep DO NOT TOUCH lists or grocery lists on it (tons of list keeping!) without having to carry around physical binders of products, and the best part, he can browse this forum and do a search right on the spot if he's at the store or a restaurant and has to look up a brand name or product.

Plus, you get super, awesome, mega-special bonus points for being coolest mom ever. ;) I've been reassured this by my nephew. :rolleyes:

In Topic: Hair Dye

07 July 2008 - 06:20 AM

I think Feria is good, too: I read somewhere on this board that someone called them and got the a-okay, and I use it about once every two months to get a solid red base in before I layer in the purple.

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