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Member Since 30 Mar 2008
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Continued Symptoms

08 July 2008 - 09:23 PM

I swear I was doing better. I went even a month without symptoms, and then all of a sudden, boom, I'm dying every night again.

A brief recap:
I'm not officially diagnosed. I have (had) no insurance so I went to a walk-in for all the usual tests -- still paying those off, let me tell you. Everything, including the gluten antibody blood test, came back negative. Before doing an endoscopy, which the doc said would cost about $2000 alone, she put me on a gluten-free diet and had me check back in two weeks. When I showed improvement, she basically said, "Congrats, you're gluten-intolerant, have a nice day". She was, in all fairness, trying to save me money and time spent being sick, but now I wonder if we missed something.

I've only been on the diet since late April, give or take. I started showing immediate improvement, followed by definite outbreaks as I accidentally glutened myself with various things, and went most of June with no issues at all! I still eat dairy, but not tons of it, and I also eat potatoes, tomatoes, corn, etc. The usual things that may also cause issues, but I don't experience issues with them at any given point. There's no pattern, for example, to the food diary. I don't think it's any of those causing the problem else I'd be sick all the time.

Three days ago -- the night before my anniversary! :angry: -- I got sick so bad that I was up all night. I literally got a single hour of sleep before I had to go to work. The only thing I could think of that made me sick was the new coffee I had just opened up that day -- an organic blend. Nothing else I had really was any different at all. I've only just recently picked up coffee again, though, as I figured hey, all my other foodie pleasures are gone. ;)

Then the following night -- my anniversary night, let me remind you ^^; -- I was sick all throughout Kung Fu Panda and had to lie down when I got home. I did have some nachos from a Mexican place, but I'd had them before and was perfectly fine. That said, I recognize that it was a risk to take,a nd I figured maybe I just got caught with some CC.

But today, I didn't do anything different than I normally do. I got a plate of fries from my daily lunchtime place, and I had a bowl of gluten-free puffed corn cereal with bananas in it. Yet here I am, dying again.

Is it possible that the coffee is triggering this? I had different coffee this morning, and maybe my system just isn't liking coffee in general? And if it's that, then why do the symptoms hold off until night? Every gluten- or stomach-problem I've had related to this sickness has started at night, after 5pm, and that's weird to me.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to quit coffee entirely, mind my Ps and Qs and not eat out at all, and see if maybe I still get sick. If I do, I'm going to be very worried: is it possible, really,t hat I have some other stomach problem that has gone un-diagnosed? Is it Crohn's? The doctor seemed pretty sure that it wasn't, but then, it's so hard for me to be sure because I don't have tests, nothing to back it up. Is something really the matter with me that isn't Celiac?

I haven't done the gene test, and I can't until I pay off the first round of med bills and get some money stored up in my insurance account, but I really should do that. Thing is, my family is almost all northern European, so I'm pretty sure I've at least got the gene. :lol: Not sure what it'll tell me, otherwise!

Anyone else have this kind of difficulty?

Deciding Not To Pass The Gene?

07 July 2008 - 06:28 AM

This came up in conversation the other day between hubby and I, and again between friends and I, and I was just wondering if anyone out there has simply decided not to have children to avoid passing on Celiac to a child?

I'd be interested to hear your story/thoughts, or anyone's thoughts, really. =)

Sort of open-ended, I know.


07 July 2008 - 03:16 AM

I just had to post about this...

I'm suffering another gluten attack, this one insidiously bad and lasting about 2am to... well, still going. (It's 4am, do you know where your bathroom is?) The only "new" things I introduced today is a different organic brand of coffee and Downy Febreze dryer sheets.

I did a search on coffee and gluten, and I stumbled across a site that claimed that "All coffee is gluten free". That's it. No further explanation beyond a brief bit about what gluten is, and that's all.

I'm so steamed. Research on these forums show that not all coffees are gluten free, as some manufacturers dust their lines with flour to keep the beans going smoothly. Oils can have gluten in them to flavor the beans. My reaction today sure feels like a gluten-reaction -- my "food upsets the tummy" reactions appear to be very different than gluten attacks to me -- so to claim on an answers site flatly that "All coffee is gluten free" is total bunk, and misleading to us poor learning people besides.

Rant rant.

Okay, I won't be better 'til this passes, but I feel a little better now. ;)

Mystery Gluten!

19 June 2008 - 06:25 AM

Hi, everyone!

So, I'm sitting here dying -- chills, D, cotton-mouth, all of it -- and I've been at it since about 3am. The catch: I ate nothing bad. I touched, as far as I'm aware, nothing bad! The food was my own, prepared like usual with no gluten int he house to contaminate it and stored in ziplock bags that were fresh from the box. At first, I thought it might be my haircolor that I'd gotten on my hands, but by all accounts, Feria is gluten-free.

I seem to run on a system of about 5 hours, ish. 5 hours after I eat, I drop into full fledged glutening. (The minor symptoms like dry-mouth start earlier.) But I didn't eat anything at ten at night. I was at a friend's house, but I didn't touch anything except dishes and a tea kettle. Now, I may have picked up something from that, but it seems so unlikely because I've been there every Wednesday for two months and haven't had any issues.

That said, talking it out now, I suppose it's fair to say they could have splashed glutenous food on the kettle when they cooked -- you know, like splatters. But if it wasn't that... what on earth could it be?

Before anyone asks, my house has gone completely gluten-free: all detergents, soaps, hair- and body-care products, food, face-care, etc.

:( I'm miserable. I want to stop being sick now.

Have you ever suffered a "mystery glutening"?

Celiac And Infertility

18 June 2008 - 06:48 AM

Hey, everyone! I was doing some research on this for potential future plans, and a skim didn't show me what I wanted. (This probably only means I'm blind, not that it's not out there. :rolleyes: )

Does anyone know about roughly how long your body takes to get back into the swing of things after you go gluten-free? Is it like, for example, going off depo-provera -- they say it could take upwards of a year before you can get pregnant again. Or is it more of an immediate thing?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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