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In Topic: Anyone Make Your Own "flour"

05 May 2012 - 07:47 AM

I grind my own flour. Rice flour tastes much better if you grind it fresh. I usually use a combination of flours but I use brown rice flour the most. I also use Jasmine and Sweet rice flours. 1/3 to 1/4 of my mixture has fresh ground millet grains as well. I have to buy my starches but I get them in bulk and store them in sealed buckets to save money. It is so much more affordable to grind your own. You can also store whole grain rice a lot longer than flour so it is good for a long term food storage as well.

I'm shocked at the prices of substitute flours. Has anyone ground your own rice to make your flour? I'm planning on experimenting since soy and most nut flours are out for us and I hate the taste of many on the rice subs. I want to try a mix of rice, coconut (for fiber and body) and maybe flax seed (for some binding/lift since we don't do eggs either). Anyone do anything like that?

In Topic: Maintaining Your Medical Insurance

05 May 2012 - 07:31 AM

We actually do not even have Celiac. Testing was negative and genetic testing showed gluten intolerance but no Celiac as well. But the insurance doesn't care. It's all the same to them. But no insurance doesn't mean we would go without monitoring anything. It was a high deductible so we planned to pay for routine care and minor problems with cash. (And honestly I wish more people would do that). I prefer it that way. My only worry with not having insurance is if something large and unpredictable were to come up. That's what insurance is supposed to be for.

Anyway, I would just say be careful how you fill out insurance applications. Be honest, but don't put every little symptom that may not be connected with the disease. I think that's what got us and now we have to go back and prove that they aren't related in order for them to even consider reducing the rate.

That sucks. It just leads to a heads I win, tails you lose situation with the insurance company. What you've done of course is take the option they wanted you take, and not bought their product because they've priced you out of the market. If you HAD, though, they could have claimed any minor claim was evidence of continuing disease process. Get a cold? Definitely celiac. Have headaches? Celiac. Sinus infection? Celiac again. Then they could have jacked up your rates again, where you most likely would have dropped out or they would have bilked you for even more money. Awful system.

Granted, you KNOW you have Celiac, and thus are probably taking care of yourself. But I personally would not want to go without monitoring for years at a time, not that it is in any way your fault.

In Topic: Maintaining Your Medical Insurance

04 May 2012 - 09:28 PM

My problem is not insurance denial. It's a rate up. They will not reduce the rate unless there have been no symptoms for a year. But with 3 little children it's nearly impossible to avoid accidental exposure. It's frustrating because our health is great and we hardly spend any money on health care. We applied for a $12,000 deductible plan and they still rated us up 133%. It is more than I can bring myself to pay because we just don't use that much health care.

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