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Teff Intolerance?

23 June 2011 - 06:56 PM

I have been struggling for the past several months with celiac-like symptoms. I could not figure out what my problem was. I *know* I am not eating gluten. I was having awful gas and incredibly painful, mucousy D BM's. Most people would go to the Dr, but experience has taught me that Dr's really don't know what to do with stomach problems. I knew it was diet related, and no endoscope or stool sample was going to help me. I had just started drinking protein shakes, and attributed my problems to the shakes. I changed brands 3 times, but no real improvement. I kept changing things in my diet, no rice, no salad, less fiber, no chocolate, more chocolate. No luck.

Finally it dawned on me. Udi's bread. Since it came to Canada, I have been binge eating the stuff. I was so happy to be able to eat bread that was actually like bread. I decided to try cutting it out, and what do you know, I feel fine. I looked at the ingredients tonight to try and see what ingredient could be causing me problems, the only thing listed that I don't usually eat.... teff. Wondering if others have struggles with teff. I did a google search and didn't see much. I'm so sad that I have to say goodbye to Udi.

I am worried that this may be the start of more intolerances. I wonder is there a way to prevent developing more?

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