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Member Since 17 Jul 2004
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I Am Totally Confused Now!

08 August 2004 - 05:02 PM

I posted here before a few weeks ago about a blood test and symptoms. I have had diarrhea almost daily (and several times at that) since the birth of my 2nd and last child in 2000. It started immediately after her birth. I also had a tubal done at the same time. I suffered from diarrhea usually instantly after eating, but sometimes for no reason (maybe just a sip of water). Exactly one year later I had emergency gall bladder sugery (several stones and 3 attacks in one week). Then I really had a problem. No more travel. It was an adventure just to get to the store and back. I had to starve for a minimum of 2 hours if I planned to go anywhere and no eating until I had returned. The cramps were unbelievable. I also suffered migraines during this time (no previous history with them). I also had several other things going that would suggest celiac. Finally in May, my GP ordered a celiac test. It came back weak positive. I came here and researched this thing to death and was sure I had my answer. I wrote down all the recommended tests and took them to him and requested they be done. He was more than glad to help. Everything on there came back negative (and I mean a LOW negative), except the IgA-it showed a weak positive of 23. I decided to do some more reading and researching before committing to the GFD (already had a colonscopy once and not eager for the endo). I forgot to mention that in the last 4 years I have eaten anything I wanted and never gained a lb. Actually due to 3 different flare-ups that cost me 2-3 lbs each time, I had lost almost 10 lbs. I had never gained a lb. Once lost, it would stay off-due to the constant diarrhea I'm sure. However, in the last 2-3 weeks, the symptoms have lessened and gotten farther apart. Now, I am almost 1 week totally symptom free. No headaches, no diarrhea, and I've gained 4 lbs! There are no cramps, no reactions, no nothing. What in the world is going on? If this is celiac, does someone who shows 'classic' symptoms from the beginning of onset of the disease for 4 years suddenly become a 'silent' celiac? And if it isn't celiac what is it? And why are my IgA levels showing a weak positive? I am at a loss here. I have never heard of celiac symptoms just disappearing after years. Can anyone help me out here? Any suggestions would be more than welcolmed!

What Do You Think?

17 July 2004 - 08:47 AM

Hello all, I am obviously new here. I decided last night to do some research on this topic and was really surprised. I have not been 'officially' diagnosed, but I guess that is just a formality at this point. I guess a history would be helpful:

After the birth of my 2nd (and last) child almost 4 years ago (at age 31), my body basically fell apart. I suffered with chronic diarrhea and severe headaches for almost a year before going to the GI dr. I was using exederin migraine all that time. I had a colonoscopy, which came back normal. He said it was probably IBS. Ok. Exactly one year later (and with continued symptoms), I had 3 gallbladder attacks and ended up with my gallbladder removed. So of course, the diarrhea worsened. But so had the headaches. We ended up going the headache route and had CT scans, MRI, the works. They did find a meningioma (brain tumor), but it was so small and it such an insignificant location, there's no way that was the problem. I realized on my own the aspirin in the exederin was killing my stomach. Switched to excederin tension (no aspirin). Small improvement there. But after one of my worst flare ups, I lost about 10 lbs (over a couple of months). I can eat anything and never gain a pound. I also can't travel, eat out, leave the house within 2 hours of eating, and never ever know when it will hit. Sometimes immediately, sometimes the next day. Sometimes a food was ok, others it was a disaster. That was the confusing part. I could never find the offending food. In June, my GP did some blood work and decided to run a gluten sensitivity test, almost as an afterthought. When I saw him again a month later, he mentioned that it had showed a "weak positive", but that I could test again and it might be negative. Not really concerned. I basically dismissed it too. Then last night I started researching. I did not know that this disease causes damage to the intestines. I thought if the symptoms were tolerable, no need to go gluten-free. Wow, what an eye-opener this board has been. Every symptom I have is on the list provided on another post. I suspect I also have residual bile salts diarrhea from not having a gallbladder, which is complicating things even more. I never know when, and a simple sip of water can trigger it. I suppose I should be retested. I don't know what he ran to show a positive or negative, but I see that there are 4 different blood tests. Can someone tell me exactly what they are? Whatever I request, he will run it. He is extremely cooperative and does his best to help. I just want to be able to tell him exactly what I want done. Any other thought or suggestions would be wonderful too. Thank you! :(

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