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Gf & Feeling Good - Negative Blood Test

01 September 2004 - 03:49 AM

After 14 years of illness - anxiety/depression, severe fatigue, bloating/GI disturbance, etc. I decided to try a gluten-free diet prompted by a newspaper article on Celiac Disease. Without doubt, this has been the most significant development over the last 14 years. There was a very significant improvement in the GI symptoms after a couple of days; after a week, I had much more energy; and my mood has also improved.

This prompted me to call my doctor and discuss the findings. As I have been overweight (weight went from 168 to 264lbs over the last 14 years), he told me that I wouldn't be a classic celiac, but suggested that I get some bloods done to check for antibodies. I had been on the gluten-free diet for two weeks when the bloods were done.

Got the results today and they were negative (donít' have the exact numbers). My doc felt that being gluten-free for two weeks before the diet wouldn't have impacted the results. I also had a scope done about two years ago to check out the GI problems. I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia at that time. The GI doc visually checked my duodenum and said it was normal. No biopsy was done.

I have also reintroduced some gluten over the past two weeks and got the old symptoms back - especially bloating and severe wind. I have no doubt that gluten is causing me a problem even if it's not the answer to all my health issues. My doc accepts that I may have a problem with gluten and should stay on the gluten-free diet if I feel better, but says that there is no conclusive evidence that I'm celiac and should not be concerned about coming off the gluten-free diet if I get bored with it.

Where to now? I'll stay gluten-free as I am definitely feeling better. However, it would have been better to get a definite diagnosis.

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