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#625442 News Story: "gluten Free" Foods May Be Contaminated

Posted by on 21 July 2010 - 06:49 AM

Apologies if this has already been posted and discussed (I couldn't find mention here during a search), but have you folks seen this??


This is incredibly scary to me! A soy flour tested at 3,000 parts per million!?!??
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#620174 Boston Pizza Now Has gluten-free Pizza! (Canada)

Posted by on 28 June 2010 - 05:01 PM

Hey there all,

Boston Pizza now serves gluten-free pizza! :)

I'll just tell the story, as it might shed some additional details on it:

I used to live in Alberta, near a town called Stony Plain, which has a BP. I just returned there a couple of days ago for a vacation. Before I returned here, I searched for gluten-free restaurants in the Stony Plain area, and found a mention of the BP. It turns out that the manager of the BP has celiac, and for years has offered a gluten-free pizza using a Kinnikinnick crust.

So today I went there to try their gluten-free pizza. It was AMAZING. For those celiac Canadians who may remember having Panago pizza from their pre-celiac days, let me just say that the BP gluten-free pizza had a VERY similar taste and texture to Panago pizza.

I wound up talking to the celiac BP manager. He had some interesting things to say. In response to my questions about cross-contamination, he said that he makes sure his staff is well-trained on celiac disease, they have a cleaning regimen for the utensils that will touch the pizza, and the pizza itself is prepared on a fresh sheet of parchment paper. He said they've been serving this pizza to local celiacs for years, and have never had any problems.

And then he said, "Beginning this month, Boston Pizza restaurants nationwide have rolled out a gluten-free pizza on their menu"!!! When I got back home I looked it up--and sure enough, BP now serves gluten-free pizza nationwide on Kinni crusts. You can get an individual pizza with up to four toppings (only at the Stony Plain franchise do they serve individual size AND small (10") size.)

The dreaded "gluten-free markup" by the way was VERY reasonable....my plain small 10" pizza came out to just over $13. That's not all that much more than the normal pizza.

So.....all in all, thrilling news for those of us celiac Canadians fiending for some good pizza! If you decide to try the BP gluten-free pizza anywhere but Stony Plain, Alberta, though, I would definitely recommend closely questioning the staff and making sure they know what they're doing in terms of preventing cross-contamination....good advice at any time, but particularly now, because they're just rolling this out and it's all very new to them.

Bon appetit! :)
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