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In Topic: My Gene Tests - So What's My Risk?

10 February 2013 - 07:33 PM

my advice is: you have a dq2 & a dq8, you have SO MANY of the Gluten intolerant & Celiac symptoms, you've been on 2months now of heavy gluten eating.... ! Get a full Celiac panel NOW, and then GO OFF Gluten forever.. having 2 Celiac specific genes, PLUS having all the symptoms, and already having Anklosing Spondolitis.. i would assume if i was u, that continuing to eat gluten is a sure route to developing celiac (if you dont already have it)... many times- our antibodies dont show up on blood panels, and the damage to our S.I. doesnt show up on biopsies- untill the damage is already substantial...

just my personal opinion.. good luck to u, i hope u get a panel done now, since u have a better chance of getting an accurate reading since uve been eating it... also get the Total Iga Serum to see if you're Iga deficient, cause then all your Celiac panels could be false readings

In Topic: Looking For A 1200 Calorie Diet

22 December 2012 - 11:09 PM

Sorry about bumping old thread... I am using 1500 calorie diet and I don't see positive results... So, what would be better:
A) Switch to 1200 calorie diet, or
B) Use the same 1500 calorie diet, but start exercising consistently? :huh:

what are u eating? is there a type of diet you're trying?? do u have any thyroid issues??

i have been on every diet in the world, and ive been dancing & dieting my whole life, even had a bout with anorexia.. i can say with all my experience- yes, exercise is great for your immune system, mental state, & quality of sleep- & great for your musculoskeletal system- but the foods that i eat and the amount have the BIGGEST influence on my figure- way more than exercise

i truly exercise now to stay sane, to help tone down my autoimmune diseases, and also- exercise really helps with posture & chronic pain... and studies have shown that women who exercise (regardless of their weight)- tend to feel happier with their bodies than those who don't

In Topic: Daughter Dxd Dh Celiac, Went gluten-free, But Dh Persists

13 November 2012 - 10:17 AM

YES- i ALSO recommend SILVER.. i totally forgot i put it on my rash too... calmed it down a little bit while i healed and detoxified of gluten

In Topic: Any More Blood Tests That Could Be Done?

13 November 2012 - 10:14 AM

CassP and Lisa, Thank you for the advice! I'll email my doc and ask about the additional tests and how many biopsies she'd do. I'll either be scheduling the endoscopy or finding another doc for a 2nd opinion.

Here are my recent vitamin results. After I get the low vit D result, I saw an endocrinologist who ruled out parathyroid disease.

Component Your Value Standard Range Units Date
Vitamin B12 297 211 - 911 pg/mL October 2012
Folate 13.7 >5.4 ng/mL October 2012
VitD,25-Hydroxy Tot 71 30 - 100 ng/mL May 2012, after supplements
VitD,25-Hydroxy Tot 12 30 - 100 ng/mL December 2011
Magnesium 2.0 1.8 - 2.4 mg/dL January 2012

I also have annual blood tests for work. I don't have those results handy, but I'm always on the low side for iron. I forget what if any of the other minerals skew low.

hey that's so interesting that your doc was concerned about Parathyroid with low D, ihad never heard of that before.
what about a full thyroid check up? have u had that??? so many of us have both Celiac & thyroid disease, and many that are Gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive also have thyroid disease.
Thyroid disease ALSO screws up your digestion- cause you make less of everything-> including stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, motility , etc

my opinion is that a Vitamin D deficiency often points to Autoimmune Activity... your immune system needs D3 to work properly-> and when you're autoimmune you use it all up.

also- your B12 is TOO LOW.. you should strive to get it above 500 or 600... alot of our "ranges" in the U.S. are way too big and are more interested in Disease Management instead of Healthcare

In Topic: Any More Blood Tests That Could Be Done?

13 November 2012 - 10:10 AM

In certain screening populations it can reach a very high specificity to celiacs however it is never 100 percent as other more rare causes (that make up 2-4 percent of EMA positivity) such as intestinal lymphoma would need to be ruled out while celiac is confirmed through a biopsy. However in her specific case if it came up positive it would very well be close to 100 percent specific as the other causes are unlikely to lurk for years.

sorry, i hate to give bad info... it was only what i had read before while researching :/
but in original posters post of what doc wrote- the EMA DOES reach up to 100%, more than the others if im not mistaken

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