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In Topic: Undiagnosed W A Difficult Dr- Help!

30 August 2004 - 01:39 PM

Hi- thank you all for the information and advice. I just went to see this Dr. again and my magnesium is slightly low- she said this could be from Celiac. I actually asked around about this Dr and she is the best Gastro Dr that we have in town! Scary. I gave her info on Entero Lab and she still believes it to be a scam. She called someone she knows in Pathology to ask if he knew of a Gene or stool test for Celiac and he did not. The pathologist is going to call the Mayo clinic to find out if there are such tests. She told me to come back for a biopsy after the baby is born in late Dec. I asked her if it would show accurate results after a year of gluten-free diet and she said probably not, see you then. ugh.

The reason I want to be officially diagnosed is so they can monitor it. Also, so I know if my children could get it. I also have family members who show signs of it but refuse to take it seriously. I wish they would get the test, because theyre obviously eating gluten and sick, They would probably easily find out and then I would know for sure it's in our family. Tho I already do. I feel 100% better since being on this diet. I wouldn't go back to feeling sick all the time- even for a piece of pizza! Lactose Intol too.

Wildones- I'm so sorry you had such problems w/ getting you and your family diagnosed. How did you ever finally get diagnosed? I feel fortunate to know now at least, even if I'm not officially diagnosed. I also plan on breastfeeding for at least a year and a half, so maybe my baby can avoid it. Thanks for sharing your story.

Also thanks for info on Enterolabs and rectal challenge- I'll do more research on that.

In Topic: Undiagnosed W A Difficult Dr- Help!

18 August 2004 - 06:12 PM

Hi! I would love to have a response to my situation. I'm 5 months pg and un-diagnosed. I'm trying to get diagnosed now. I had a blood test that was negaitive because I've been gluten free since last January. The Dr. of course won't do a biopsy until after my pg. Tho I'm not sure I want one anyway, what if my intestines have healed to the point where they can't diagnose. What a pain to go thru for a false/ positive. Does anyone know if Enterolabs does their testing with a Drs orders? My Dr. knows nothing about the DNA test, nor any of the stool tests and seems to think Entero lab is a scam because you don't have to go thru a Dr. to get them done. A huge crime to her, apparently! I'm not getting much help from her she chastised me for self-diagnosing. I'm glad I did or would have been very sick during this pg!

I would love some advice or at least some help in dealing with difficult doctors!



In Topic: Pregnant And Just Diagnosed

11 August 2004 - 06:18 AM


Hi! I'm sorry for your losses. I hope this pregnancy will be different for you. I don't know how much you know about Celiac and the gluten free diet but you have to be extremely strict now. I loved the book- Wheat free, worry free. It really helped me understand what all was involved in the gluten free diet. I'd recomend staying home mostly and eating only what you make at first. It took me a lot of trial and error to figure out what I could have and not in restaaurants and you don't want to take those chances right now. Start making simple meals- whole foods. Since gluten is in most processed foods cut them all out until you know which ones are safe. Explore your local health food store there are a lot of gluten free options, mixes, sauces, etc. Find a good gastro Dr that other Celiacs in your area have recommended, often there are support groups locally. Try and find someone who is recommended because I've found even w/ the recommended Drs there is a lot of wrong information that they try and give you. But, anyway, have a blood test to see what vitamins or minerals you may be deficient in. Then they can tell you whether or not to take additional vitamins over your regular prenatal. Also make sure those prenatal vitamins are gluten free, many are not. I've tried a few, but rght now, I like Now Prenatal caps. They are reasonably priced, I found them at my local vitamin/herbal shop. Going gluten free is the most important thing right now, so concentrate on that and finding a good gastro Dr.

I'm 5 mos. pregnant now with our first. I have Celiac but am finding it hard to get diagnosed. I went thru a lot of worrying as well. Try to relax and not worry- easier said then done right? I found a way to push it out of my mind somehow and just focus on my diet and on remaining positive for my baby. Do the best you can and pray for a great outcome! Good luck and keep us upated!


In Topic: Gf & Pregnancy

27 July 2004 - 02:01 PM

Hi! I'm also new at this. Tho I'm still undiagnosed, It's been about 7 mos or so that I've been gluten free and am 5 1/2 mos pregnant with my first. I didn't know about all the risks to the baby before I became pg. It's been scary for me, wondering if the baby is getting all the nutrients that she/ he needs. I've read that Celiacs are often deficient in calcium, folic acid and iron- that really freaked me out. But so far so good. I seem to be progressing normally. I've have had no problems other than trying to eat gluten free with morning sickness- ugh. And getting just a tiny bit of gluten makes me even more nauseas. Anyway, I would say get used to the diet a little more first and make sure you're not deficient in any vitamins or minerals first. And of course talk to your Dr. but definitely have another baby. If you don't have a history of miscarriages you'll do fine, I'm sure. Just be informed ahead of time. Have you learned to bake yet? I know I crave all the foods I can't eat- and if I had known how to bake gluten-free- the breads and goodies- I probably would have felt much less deprived and be able to fill up more. The first few months I couldn't stand meat or veggies- so carbs were my thing- but difficult to get being gluten-free.

I don't know about the weight thing- it was instant for me. I lost 25 lbs in just a couple of months and I'm still losing- tho baby is getting bigger right on schedule. Anyway, good luck!


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